2016: A Year of Not Setting Goals

I like lists and numbers. Over the past few years, I’ve always set myself a list of entertainment goals. Watch X number of movies. Play X number of games. Read X number of books. Do X number of whatever. While it is cool to finish up a goal that I’ve set for myself, mostly, I just enjoy the tracking that comes with doing these things over the course of the year.

This year I’ve decided I don’t want to set X goals to do X things over the course of 2016. The reason for this isn’t because I don’t want to work towards something, I do still love to see a meter fill, but more that, the goals began to feel more like work. I have to sit down and play a game tonight, or read tonight, or watch something tonight. I wasn’t doing it for the enjoyment of the activity, I was doing it to fill the meter. I think doing something just to fill the meter might be the wrong reason.

What I want to do this year is find the enjoyment in those activities again. Not that I wasn’t having fun doing them but something seemed missing. I want to read, just to read (although I did set a pretty standard goal for the yearly Goodreads Reading Challenge). I want to watch movies for the experience of watching movie. And I want to play the games I’m playing because I want to play them, not because I need to finish X amount of them or write about X amount of them. I think by not setting goals with such definitive numerical values, I can maybe have a bit more fun this year than last.

I can tell you I’m already reading more and watching more than I did in 2015. And the games I’m currently playing, I’m really, really having a good time with. It’s not proof of anything but I think it’s a good start.


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