Celebrating Prince

“A world without Prince may be hard to fathom, but it doesn’t have to feel tragic. There was nothing anguished or depressing about his life and work, all of which radiated a vitality and pure joy that seemed to defy age or circumstance. His is a legacy that demands a specific kind of appreciation, one devoid of grief or rage.”

Reading the obituary of Prince, that above quote really resonated. I can’t sit here and claim to have been a huge Prince fan but I liked his stuff well enough. Purple Rain, for a variety of reasons is one of my favorite songs of all time. Listening to my collection of his music today has showcased how dynamic he was as an artist and I regret not exploring his work more before now.

But that’s the great thing about music, it lives on. And Prince will continue to reach new audiences and bring them joy. My kids will get to experience him and they’ll pass that on to their kids and because of that in some way he’ll live on in “the afterworld”.

So if you loved Prince, or anyone else that we’ve lost along the way for that matter, continue to experience them and let them bring you happiness. And most importantly, share them with others, in a sense, regardless of your spiritual beliefs, they’ll live on and maybe you’ll help to inspire new greatness.



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