Favorites of 2016 – Movies Part 1

As always, while I saw a lot of movies, there were also a lot of films I missed out on. Films like La La Land, Hacksaw Ridge, Doctor Strange, Sing, and more, I just didn’t find time for. I’m sure if I had gotten to see them, some of them might have found their way on to my lists but alas we only have so much time. I know that some of the films that have made my list (both this bottom 13 and my top 13) will have some people shaking their heads but this isn’t a list of the films that I think are the best made, just the ones I liked. And I really did like Batman v Superman quite a bit, problems and all.

26. Suicide Squad
25. X-Men Apocalypse
24. Kubo and the Two Strings
23. Lights Out
22. Money Monster
21. The Wailing
20. The Infiltrator
19. Blood Father
18. Moana
17. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
16. The Shallows
15. Nerve
14. Deadpool

Up tomorrow: Favorite Movies of 2016 – Part 2.



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