Watched – 28 April 2017

Four weeks running… On to this week’s viewings. Pig – 1* I came across this 2010 horror film on a few lists of hard to find, brutal, modern, cult classics. Some people described it as one of the most brutal and disturbing films ever made. This all piqued my interest. Pig is a brutal and disturbing […]

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Watched – 21 April 2017

Three weeks in a row. Holy crap! Is this a recurring feature now? Maybe… On to this week’s viewings. Titanic – 5* No, it isn’t James Cameron’s best film but it is still an amazing piece of disaster cinema. Some of the CGI doesn’t hold up great today but the boat flooding and the scenes within as […]

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Watched – 14 April 2017

  Well I came back for a second week. If I do it again next week, you probably be able to call this a regular feature. Don’t get too attached just yet. I mean, I am lazy and all with the attention span of a squirrel. On to this week’s viewings. Rogue One – 5* I’ve […]

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Watched – 7 April 2017

I watch a lot of movies and people often ask me if I’ve seen anything good recently. The answer to that question is generally no. Seriously, I watch a lot of garbage. Some of it of the flaming dumpster fire variety. I keep a log in Google Sheets and a rating log on Letterboxd but nothing […]

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