Watched – 7 April 2017

I watch a lot of movies and people often ask me if I’ve seen anything good recently. The answer to that question is generally no. Seriously, I watch a lot of garbage. Some of it of the flaming dumpster fire variety.

I keep a log in Google Sheets and a rating log on Letterboxd but nothing that really gives my thoughts on what I’ve been watching (although I do co-host Movie Dudes and we talk about some of what I’ve watched). So, I am going to try something here. I’m going to list what I’ve watched over the past week and give some brief thoughts on them. Maybe you find something worth watching. Maybe you find something to avoid. Maybe I do this again next week. We may never know.

Ghost in the Shell – 3*

I have no nostalgia for the anime that this live action film is based on. I saw it 20 years ago and it didn’t leave a strong impression on me one way or the other. To be honest. Most anime doesn’t leave a strong impression on me, despite generally liking the themes and animation style. Anyway, I enjoyed this Ghost in the Shell. It isn’t anything amazing and its themes are explored far better in Ex Machina but as far as a cool cyber punk action flick, I felt it worked well enough and I was never bored during the 107 minute runtime. Maybe not worth the trip to the theater for most but well worth a watch for genre fans on a rainy weekend day in a couple months.


Titanic’s Final Mystery – 3*

I have a deep fascination with the mysteries of the deep and an even deeper fascination with the sinking of the Titanic. I’ve read all sorts of books and watched all sorts of documentaries on the subject since I was in grade school. By now everything is pretty much understood about the how’s and why’s the great ship sunk. This Smithsonian Channel documentary explores a new theory about why the lookouts were unable to give much warning to the iceberg and why the freighter California was failed to come to the sinking ship’s aid. At 90 minutes long, this retreads a lot of tired ground for Titanic enthusiasts but the new theory on cold air mirages was intriguing and worth the watch.

The Imposter – 3*

A coworker turned me on to this documentary about a missing 13 year old boy from Texas that seemingly is found three years later in Spain. Turns out, as the title implies, this person was an imposter. It tells a seriously twisted tale about a family that would believe anything to get their family member back and the 23 year old creep that preyed on them to avoid jail in Europe. It is a fascinating story but there is no suspense on the viewers part as it is revealed very early on that this guy stole the identity of the missing kid and then proceeded to try and trick the family and the FBI. I think with a different approach, this film would work better worth a watch regardless.

Circle – 3*

Low budget horror films need a little something special to succeed and Circle has it. Most of the film takes place in a dark room with people standing on red dots with arrows pointing at them. The arrows are voting indicators and everyone in the room must vote to kill someone else every two minutes until only one survives. Don’t vote? The room picks someone at random. It is a fascinating film fueled by the debates on what life is worth.

Louis C.K. 2017 – 3*

I know of Louis C.K. but I’ve never watched his show or any of his other standup. This Netflix special was funny and I’ll probably look into him more but… I can’t remember much about the special or the jokes just that I laughed a bit while watching it so, take that as you will.

Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry – 3*

Kind of the same with Louis C.K.’s special. Iglesias is funny, and I remember a bit more about the special as a whole and some of the jokes but not too much more.

Incarnate – 2*

OK, where to start with this one. It has the ingredients to be a decent horror film with a new take on demonic possession and exorcism. But whomever cooked this film, did a piss poor job. Aaron Eckhart’s Dr. Ember is the only character given any sort of development and this includes the demon Ember is attempting to exorcise. We learn why Ember is drawn to the demon but we’re never given a reason why the demon gives a crap about Ember. Considering the relationship between Ember and the demon is at the center of the film but it is never explored more than a gloss over. And forget anyone else in the film because they are paper thin and there is no reason to care about them at all. I mean, it is watchable and I made it to the end but boy is it a disappointing 90 minutes.


Amy Schumer: The Leather Special – 3*

I liked Amy Schumer in Trainwreck. I’ve liked some of the clips I’ve seen from her show. So… I felt her new comedy special was worth a shot. And wow… her standup is far more vulgar than I was anticipating. It isn’t a bad thing but I was kind of shocked at her level of comedic depravity. The special is pretty funny, although I felt towards the end she misses some of her marks (though I do agree with where she was coming from on some of it).

 Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me Live – 3*

I know who Chelsea Handler is. Netflix said I would hate her. I watched this special anyway. Guess what? It was pretty good. She comes across as a bit of an asshole but the somewhat charming type that you forgive for being such a jerk. Her show is raunchy but it doesn’t feel raunchy just to be raunchy, like some comedians can be. She seems genuine. A genuine asshole but a genuinely charming and funny asshole.

Anyway, that is what I’ve been watching this week. Give me some suggestions for next or let me know what you thought about some of these if you’ve seen them.


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