Watched – 28 April 2017

Four weeks running…

On to this week’s viewings.

Pig – 1*

I came across this 2010 horror film on a few lists of hard to find, brutal, modern, cult classics. Some people described it as one of the most brutal and disturbing films ever made. This all piqued my interest. Pig is a brutal and disturbing film. That is where any praise from me ends.

While I understand people’s distaste for the “torture porn” genre of horror that spurted up in the early 2000s, good films in that genre still are generally more than just torture and murder for their own sake. Pig doesn’t have anything more going on for it than the wanton torture, murder, and other vile acts that take place over the 70 minute run time. It’s a vile film that I thought of turning off more than once, and considering the garbage I can stomach, that should tell you something.

Underworld: Blood Wars – 2*

Despite being full of pretty bad films, I have a weird love for the Underworld series. Blood Wars is the fifth film in the series and it is by far the worst entry into the franchise. Under the pretense of continuing the tale of the Vampire/Werewolf war, Blood Wars just has lots of pretty people in leather shooting guns while bad CG explodes around them. Kate Beckinsale is still beautiful though, so I guess there is that.


Why Him? – 3*

I’m not going to lie, Why Him? looked cringe worthy when I saw the trailers last year. Still, I gave it a chance and I’m glad I did. Why Him? is a pretty standard, protective Dad meets his daughter’s weird boyfriend tale but this one is held together quite well by Bryan Cranston and James Franco. Both play their roles perfectly and the script directs an ample amount of absurdity their way that I laughed quite a bit while watching it.

The Rezort – 3*

Imagine Jurassic Park but instead of dinosaurs you have zombies, and instead of a zoo to appreciate the prehistoric creatures, you have a safari to kill the undead (in a controlled environment). Just like Jurassic Park, things go to crap and all hell breaks loose in a fun take on the zombie genre. The Rezort isn’t going to change your opinion on zombie films but if you like them already, this is a fun one.

Anyway, that is what I’ve been watching this week. Give me some suggestions for next or let me know what you thought about some of these if you’ve seen them.


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