Musings of a Grouch

As you can hopefully see, I’ve changed the name of this blog. To be honest, I’ve never been fully happy with the name, Cool Stuff with Chris. It assumed too much of the content. I’m not sure I love Musings of a Grouch either but… it is slightly more accurate, being as I am somewhat of a grouch.

Anyway, as I said several days ago, I’m attempting to breathe some life back in to this blog. While, I will probably spend a good deal of time talking about geek culture, like video games, movies, and comics, I may also venture into talking about being a parent (or at least relaying the awkward stories), music, and on rare occasions current events. I may also drop in sketches that I’ve done (once upon a time I was an artist that went to school for animation) and may even try my hand at some fiction writing. So, I hope you join me to experience my musings.



4 thoughts on “Musings of a Grouch

  1. Looking forward to reading more: Especially any fiction you might write! I’m writing an eBook which I’ll be giving my readers for free; but that’s not for a long while yet haha!

    1. I have a couple short stories I’ve been bouncing around with for a couple years now… I just need to sit down and actually write them out.

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