Played – 3 June 2017

So, taking some inspiration from my weekly piece talking about what I’ve watched over the past week (Watched) and some from The Shameful Narcissist, whom details what she is reading, writing, and gaming each week, I’ve decided to expand to a weekly piece on what I’m gaming. This will give me a chance to put some things down about games that I don’t get to on The Perfectly Sane Show. I’m also going to do the same thing for what I’ve been reading, which will give me a chance to give in progress thoughts on books, as well as allowing me to talk about comics.

Anyway, on to my week in gaming.

Prey – Xbox 1

If a game captures me fully, I generally devote all my gaming time to it. Prey has hit me in fits and starts. There are fragments of time with it that I am on board with it and it has me fully within its grasp. I’m intrigued by the story and the slow burn reveals that it has presented to me. However, I personally feel the game plays poorly. I’m sure that some of this could apply to the way I’ve decided to approach it, only upgrading as a human and staying away from the more alien abilities. Because of this I may have put myself in a hole as I play it more as a shooter. The combat doesn’t seem properly balanced to play as such.


On this week’s Perfectly Sane Show, my co-hosts recommended I drop the game down to easy so that I could just experience the part of the game I’m digging. That will probably happen this week as currently I’m just frustrated by the abundance of combat situations I can’t escape from. If that doesn’t work, I may just watch the last third on a Let’s Play or something.

NHL 17 – Xbox 1

The Stanley Cup Playoffs always get me excited about hockey, even when the Flyers have had a weak season and aren’t playing. As such, I’ve felt the urge to play some video game hockey when I’m not catching games. NHL 17 is the best version of the long storied series on this generation of consoles. The Be A Pro mode is the best its been in years, although I did run in to a little hiccup in the middle of my CHL Playoff run. My team closed out the series in five games pushing us to the second round, I clicked simulate as I always do to move the calendar forward to my next game but for whatever reason, it simulated through the rest of the playoffs and took me directly to the NHL draft. It is disappointing because I was having a banner year in the teenage league and led the league in points, goals, and assists. We had to be the favorites in the playoffs but without my input my team lost somewhere between the second round and the finals and I don’t know what personal awards my created player may have earned. But I was drafted 19th overall in the first round by the Flyers so, I at least ended up on a team I like. The playoffs are almost over though (at best five games remaining), so we’ll see if I continue my characters career run.


Quiz-Up – iOS

I love a good trivia game and Quiz Up has been great for the couple years I’ve had it on my phone. I drove hard at the end of May and ended up as the top scorer in Gaming: General and Pirates of the Caribbean in Pennsylvania. Additionally I placed in the top ten for Star Wars, Disney: Movies, and Movies: General. I may expand my categories a little wider this month, we’ll see.

Need to Return to

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Xbox One

Unfortunately I left this to jump more in to Prey. My frustration with Prey might drive me back to Andromeda very soon though.

Final Fantasy II – Playstation Vita

After wrapping up the original Final Fantasy, I quickly moved on to II and while it has a much better story than the original, I’m struggling with it. I’m not a fan of the skill system, which rewards and penalizes based on what you use and how you use it. This isn’t so much the problem as it is similar to a great many games but HP are directly reflected by how much a character is attacked, which puts you in some weird situations where you are attacking yourself to gain experience in being attacked to raise your HP. It’s kind of dumb and it has turned me off a great deal from the game. But, being as it is one of four Final Fantasy games I haven’t put extensive time into, I feel I need to fill that gap of knowledge with at least a few more hours.

So, that is what I’ve been playing this week. Do you have any thoughts on these games, if so let me know in the comments. And tell me what you’ve been playing as well.



3 thoughts on “Played – 3 June 2017

      1. Horizon is a fantastic game, really enjoying it. Great story and graphics, I’m getting near then end now, just need more free time to complete it LOL 🙂

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