Played – 17 June 2017

After finishing two games last week, I kept the momentum going and wrapped up another one this week. A game well outside my wheelhouse no less.

Anyway, on to what I’ve been playing.


Injustice: Gods Among Us – Xbox 360 via Xbox One

Fighting games just aren’t my bag. I’m bad at them and don’t want to put the time in to getting better at them. Injustice was weird one though because whereas most fighting games have a smattering of story, Injustice’s single player mode is packed full of it. It’s actually a really cool Elseworlds movie that makes me fight a few rounds every five minutes or so. I still don’t like the fighting (and I finished this on Easy) but I’d play the second when the price drops a bit.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch

I bought a Switch. I mean, if you see a Switch in the wild and you have yet to catch one, you kind of have to jump on it. My wife says my logic is somewhat flawed. She might be right but… I have a Switch now. And along with it, the game everyone who has one, and some people that don’t have one, have bought for it.

I like Zelda. Always have but aside from The Wind Waker, I’ve not loved a 3D Zelda. This is well on its way to me loving it. I’ve put in six hours so far, but unlike putting in six hours in Twilight Princess, I’ve seemingly made some progress. Breath of the Wild doesn’t hand hold you and it just kind of casts you out in to the vast expanse of Hyrule. And boy is it vast. If you thought that Skyrim was big, Breath of the Wild will blow you away. It also allows you to handle things in a variety of ways. For example in the opening area, you have to get to a shrine on the side of a snowy mountain. I struggled getting there until I found that if I lit my torch and carried it, I could safely walk in the cold. Evidently, I missed something that would have made it easier for me but being able to figure it out on my own was an awesome experience that many games don’t afford today.

I can’t wait to play more of this.

Mario Kart 8 DX – Switch

So, Mario Kart 8 was a great game. I loved it on the Wii U and bought all the DLC. DX is basically that game, with a few more characters and an all new battle mode. But being able to play it in handheld mode is pretty awesome.


Final Fantasy II – Playstation Vita

I’ve been saying I need to get back to this. I did and then promptly got mad at it and put it back down. Nothing is more infuriating in an old school RPG than putting time in to a game, working through a dungeon and then getting tossed a random battle against an enemy that decimates your party and effectively wasting your time playing (because now I need to redo the entire dungeon).

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – iOS

This has been sitting on my phone for quite some time. What I’ve played of it so far has been pretty cool. It has a classic styled Final Fantasy story, some interesting characters, and quick rapid fire battles. I’ll play more of this.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X – iOS

Another game that has been sitting on my phone for a while. The art style is goofy (not that Goofy) and the story is nonsense (like all KH games) but I’m having fun with it, so… I’ll play a bit more.

Mobius Final Fantasy – iOS

And finally, I touched this game. And then I promptly deleted it from my phone. I don’t have a good explanation for it but it just didn’t click with me at all.

Need to Return to

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Xbox One

So, I know I said I wanted to finish this before jumping in to anything else new but… I got a Switch, you can’t blame me for wanting to give Zelda a shot right?


So, that is what I’ve been playing this week. Do you have any thoughts on these games, if so let me know in the comments. And tell me what you’ve been playing as well.



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