Watched – 23 June 2017

It is a bad week when a free movie isn’t worth the effort to put in to your blu-ray player and you play on your phone for the majority of another one. Fortunately that isn’t anything that some neon, leg warmers, and a great soundtrack can’t wipe from your mind.

Amityville Excorcism – 1*

I have a fascination with the real life case/hoax that the Amityville series is based on and I’ll often go out of my way to catch films that bear its branding. Most of those films are bad movies. But the latest in the series, Amityville Exorcism, takes it to a whole new level of terrible. Fortunately I had an expiring Redbox credit and didn’t have to pay for it.

I’ve watched a lot of bad horror films over the years but few reach the lows that Amityville Exorcism do. Director Mark Polonia is unabashedly a schlock director. He takes cold fetid sewage and films it. This ranks as one of the worst acted and terribly directed films I’ve ever watched. It looks like it was shot on a low quality, commercial grade HD hand cam and a better script could have been written by a class of fifth graders. But, it does have this ridiculous scene where the priest is attacked by a cadre of baby dolls that don’t actually move and so it is really just a guy rolling around on the floor with dolls around him.

And the Amityville house isn’t even featured in this movie. Like what is the point?


Stung – 2*

Sometimes a poster can draw you in and get you interested in a film. Sometimes the poster is the best thing about the movie. Both of these things are true about Stung, a film about mutant wasps that terrorize an outdoor dinner party. The movie is attempting to be a comedic creature feature but it is neither particularly funny, nor particularly scary. Some of the practical effects on the giant wasps are cool though but not enough to drive this to be worthwhile.

GLOW – Rating Undecided

I grew up in the 80s and would watch WWF on Sunday mornings. After WWF, a crazy female only wrestling show came on called GLOW. I grew to like that show more than WWF and would be in front of my television every Sunday at noon when it came on. GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and Netflix has revived it in a way with a scripted comedy about the wrestling show.


I’ve watched two episodes so far and it is pretty much everything I wanted. Neon intros, garish clothing, a stellar soundtrack, and some fantastic and legitimately funny writing but with a touch of heart. I’m all in on the main character Ruth (Alison Brie) and I’m beginning to get behind the assorted supporting cast of diverse women. I obviously can’t drop a rating on the entire show yet but if you have a feeling of nostalgia for the 80s, I think you’ll be quite happy with what GLOW has on offer.


That is it for this week. Next week is going to be busy, so I don’t know what I will get a chance to watch but if I get to anything, it’ll be here next week. Let me know if you’d like me to watch something and more importantly what you thought about some of these if you’ve seen them.


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