Played – 24 June 2017

My wife was away for most of the week for work, which had me running around taking care of our four kids. Between that and work ramping up for our fiscal year end, this left precious little time to delve deep on any games. But I did manage to come to a conclusion on one game and come back to another that I had been bypassing for a couple weeks.

And this is what I’ve been playing.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch

As I’ve stated before, I like the Zelda franchise but 3D Zelda has never quite captured me the way it has for some people. Breath of the Wild may be the game that finally does.

I didn’t play much this week, although I did do a side quest that brought me to the fairy that is pictured below.

Despite not playing a ton of it though, I’ve been thinking about it a ton. This to me is the sign of a really good, possibly great game. A game that can make you think about it when you aren’t playing it is something special.


Mario Kart 8 DX – Switch

This has kind of become my, I have a half hour to burn while I wait for my kids to finish dance class so let’s play a game game. Handheld mode is perfect for this and MK8DX is perfect for handheld mode. It’s a match made in heaven.

Final Fantasy II – Playstation Vita

I don’t like quitting on a game but sometimes you just need to realize that no matter how hard you bang your head against the wall, it’s not going to get better for you. Final Fantasy II is that game for me. You can read all about my decision in my latest Throwback Thursday.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Xbox One


I’ve returned to Andromeda and while I didn’t necessarily miss it when I was gone, I slid right back in to it like an old friend. Jumping back in this week my intention was to just continue the main storyline and wrap up the game but instead I jumped back in to doing side quests and bringing the ice planet to 100% viability. Then I started doing the loyalty missions a little more closely and now I have no set goal, other than to spend more time in the galaxy. It’s different from the original trilogy but, that is perfectly fine because it is still a really good game.

So, that is what I’ve been playing this week. Do you have any thoughts on these games, if so let me know in the comments. And tell me what you’ve been playing as well. Next week, I plan on starting Final Fantasy III on DS, we’ll see how that goes.


4 thoughts on “Played – 24 June 2017

  1. I nearly got Mass Effect Andromeda, but it got mixed review so I didn’t bother. Sound like you are enjoying the game though, I’m still playing Horizon Zero Dawn atm, nearly finished, but I’m just finishing some side missions before I attempt the final level of the game.

  2. I usually enjoy the pleasure of watching Zelda games, but BOTW I want to play myself noob skills and hehe.

    Good lord of the measure of a game is how much you think of it when not playing then FFVII rules my life. I wasn’t found of II either. Worst leveling system ever. Are you playing the original or one of the ports? I want to try it on PSP at send point, but not if its just as bad.

    1. I was playing the PSX version from Final Fantasy Origins. The package has a great version of the original and while FF II looks good, it can’t change the fact that the leveling system is bonkers.

      I hope you enjoy BotW when you get a chance. From what I’ve played of it so far, it is a special game.

      1. Ugh, so they didn’t change that aspect, eh? I think I’m going to pass on the PSP version then, too. You’d think they’d update the leveling system with the newer port considering how horrendous it is.

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