Read – 25 June 2017

I didn’t post an edition of this last week because frankly, I didn’t have much to update. But after catching up on a handful of comics, I’m back.


Sex Criminals #18 & 19



The first few arcs of Sex Criminals were great. They were smart, funny, subversive, and engaging. Something has changed though over the last little few issues. It seems to have lost its edge. Considering this is a comic that exists purely on the edge, it not quite hitting its marks is a big problem.

I can’t quite put my finger on it but I do think that the cast has grown too cumbersome for the confines of a monthly book. It is hard to advance anyone’s story’s in a meaningful way when there are five and six vying for position. I hope that Fraction and Zdarsky decide to refocus the story on the two mains, or even just Suzie as Jon kind of sucks.

I’ll give it until 25 to get back on track but I’m losing interest and no longer looking forward to new issues.

Darth Maul #3 & 4

I read all the Star Wars comics. Sometimes I question why. Marvel often just seems to shit out stories that are mediocre at best. But then they dump something that genuinely seems to be worth my time. At first this Darth Maul mini-series seemed like it was going to be another mediocre let-down. And it didn’t really turn the table until issue #4. Maul’s unflinching hatred for the Jedi comes to a head with his desire to actually survive and he is forced to join forces with the Jedi Padawan he had kidnapped.

Issue 4 is exciting and action packed, capturing the best aspects of the Star Wars extended universe. It is one of the best Star Wars comics to come out since Marvel took over comic duties two years ago. Sadly, these events happen pre-Episode I, I have a feeling that the ending can only go one way but for a brief moment, this mini-series has made it worth its existence.

The Beauty #14 & 15


The Beauty has been a hit or miss book. It is at its best when it is trying to do the detective storylines dealing with the crazy STI that makes you beautiful when you contract it. When it veers outside of that, it doesn’t quite hit as well. This latest arc is one of the police mysteries and it is great. A serial killer is hunting down people with The Beauty and killing them as two detectives try to track her down. It’s pretty standard and straightforward but it works so well. The twist at the end of Episode 15 sets up things up for an exciting conclusion and once again The Beauty is near the top of my list for most anticipated month to month.

In Progress

Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton


Dragon Teeth is a fascinating book for me. On one hand I love Crichton’s work. On the other I kind of hate Westerns. This happens to be both, dealing with dinosaur bones in the Wyoming/Montana area during the mid 1800s. It is more a Western without cowboys than a dinosaur book but Crichton as usual tells a wonderfully weaved story that I’ve been pulled in to. I should easily wrap it up this week as my Kindle states that I am 72% done.

Well, that is what I’ve been reading this week. What have you been turning pages of? 



4 thoughts on “Read – 25 June 2017

  1. I’ve read the first few Sex Criminals but obviously am behind.
    Currently reading Red Sparrow (it’s a US-Russian spy thing), not sure how I feel about it yet.

  2. I’ve had that Crichton book on my radar but I haven’t added it. I enjoyed JP and the sequel though.
    I just finished An Ember in the Ashes which was phenomenal. I’m reading another YA called Talon, which oddly enough is about dragons, and yet another about teenage POWS. Then The Poetic Edda, Norse Mythology compendium and a few more. I schedule out my reading lol.

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