Vacation Time

And we’re off. A week away from work and home, hopefully to relax and recharge while in the mountains. As always, I’ve over-packed on the entertainment side. I have my Switch, 3DS, and GBA, all packed and ready to go with a handful of games for each. I don’t suspect I’ll make much progress on […]

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Played – 30 July 2017

So last week, I planned on wrapping up Castlevania II and Mass Effect: Andromeda and I did both those things. And in my workout of the NES Classic, I also wrapped up Super Mario Bros. 3, which leaves me pretty clear in regards to ongoing games I won’t be able to continue while I’m away […]

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Retro Game Treasure Box #1

So, I joined a Loot Crate style mystery box program that centers around retro games. For $40 a month Retro Game Treasure sends you a box of old games in the mail for the systems you own. I kind of like surprises and I’ve been collecting a bit more in the retro space recently so, […]

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Played – 23 July 2017

It was a Nintendo kind of week for me. Specifically a Mario kind of week. And there is nothing wrong with those kinds of weeks, even if it puts me behind on just about everything else. Castlevania – NES via the NES Classic I wrote about this on Thursday, so if you want my detailed […]

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Watched – 22 July 2017

This summer has already delivered some excellent theater viewing experiences but the train keeps rolling and I took in a pair more this week. If I had done my Top Five Films So Far list these two would have ended up on it. I’m struggling to stay awake as I write this so I hope […]

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Throwback Thursday: Castlevania

Despite being a series I have great fondness for, I have not thought about Castlevania much recently. But Netflix put out a four episode animated adaptation on its streaming service and I felt I had to give it a go. Turns out, I liked it. Also turns out that it just so happened to be […]

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Read – 16 July 2017

I began to fear I wasn’t going to have anything to write here this week as I had little motivation to read anything. But today, my middle daughter got me moving (as we work on Harry Potter together) and I bounced around on some other things. Finished The Hellblazer #9-11 There is something about John […]

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