Read – 2 July 2017

While waiting for my kids to dance this past week, I got through a couple things.


Spider-Gwen Volume 1: Greater Power


I’ve long been a huge Spider-Man fan. Outside of Batman, no other superhero character has captured my attention and adoration like Spidey has. However in the past five years or so, I’ve fallen off of Marvel’s superhero comics completely. Everything seemed so messy and convoluted anymore that I kind of bailed out and stopped paying much attention. One thing that caught my eye that came out of all that mess though was Spider-Gwen.

As a Spider-Man fan, it would be hard for a book named Spider-Gwen to not catch eye. After all, Gwen Stacy has been dead for decades. Her death is one of the biggest events to ever hit comics. So… Spider-Gwen? WTF Marvel?

Turns out, Spider-Gwen takes place in an alternate timeline where Gwen was bit by the radioactive Spider and not Peter. Peter, the same nerdy but genius boy finds inspiration in Spider-Woman and sets out to make himself special. Instead he turns himself in the Lizard and dies in Gwen’s hands after a brutal battle. Volume 1 of the series looks at the fallout of Peter dying and how Gwen has been targeted by authorities as Peter’s killer.

The entire book is super charming with characters we know and love from the main universe playing different roles or being gender swapped. For instance, Frank Castle is a tough as nails police officer, Matt Murdock is a villain, and Captain America is a woman. It is smart and funny. The artwork is great throughout, except for issue five which has a jarring style that doesn’t mesh with the rest of the volume but it’s forgivable as the story is solid.

All in all, it is a wonderful read and I’ll be looking in to volume two at some point.

Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton


I finished Dragon Teeth and overall I liked it. Like all Crichton books, it is a breezy read. The cover does the book no favors though as it invites direct comparison to Crichton’s neo-tech-thriller masterworks Jurassic Park and The Lost World. This isn’t a neo-tech-thriller, it is a historical adventure in the Wild West and there aren’t any “real” dinosaurs to terrorize people. Like Crichton’s other works, Dragon Teeth has elements of truth to it, specifically the real-life historical rivalry between the two bone hunters leading expeditions in the book. And I found it super fascinating, even though I am not a fan of westerns. Mileage though will vary greatly.

Well, that is what I’ve been reading this week. What have you been turning pages of? 



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