Read – 9 July 20017

Lots of comics this week but also I started a new novel.


Suicide Squad #16-20

The idea of the Suicide Squad is intriguing to me. In execution, both on film and in the comics, I’ve been less enamored. The concept, a gang of criminal miscreants are banded together to go on clandestine operations. Harley Quinn is the big star here, even if she is sometimes pushed to the side to give her co-stars a little room. DC knows this and it is the reason that at the end of issue 20, she has been given command of the Suicide Squad.


I like Harley. I really do. But this is the second book that she stars in that I’m going to cut from my list. She’s engaging, funny, smart, and tough but she is surrounded by dull co-stars and generic storylines. It should be near impossible to make Zod dull, yet somehow Suicide Squad accomplishes it.

Harley deserves better. And as a paying customer, I feel I do to, so I’m out.

Batwoman #2-4

If you had told me a couple years ago that I’d be all in on Batwoman, I’d have probably laughed at you. Other than her amazing red hair, Kate Kane did nothing for me. But the new run of Detective Comics has given me new insight in to her as a character. Her new solo book, which explores aspects of her past, has me even more interested in figuring out the other fiery red headed Bat family member.


Issues 2-4 explore her time dealing with a group of pirates and how her choices have shaped, and damaged, those around her. This is a common theme for Batman but Kate has such a different approach to those decisions than Bruce does that it makes for a great alternate look at how the Bat-family is alike but so, so different.

All-Star Batman #10 & 11

All-Star Batman is an overpriced and hugely inconsistent book. After issue #9, I was ready to call it quits but I already had two more issues in the hopper to read. This new arc, which deals a lot with Alfred’s past is actually quite good and now I feel I need to see it through. After this arc though, I think I’ll be saving $5 a month because I can’t deal with how all over the place it is.

In Progress


Dark Run by Mike Brooks


You know what is a great way to get me interested in something? Tell me it is like something else I love. I might not like it, but, at the very least, I’ll probably check it out. That was how I got to Dark Run by Mike Brooks. It came recommended to me via Amazon and I read a couple user reviews that compared it favorably to Firefly.

Early going in this book and the comparisons are pretty good. Drift, the captain of this crew of misfits, doesn’t seem to have the same amount of charm as Captain Mal did in Firefly but it kind of hits the right vibe. I have yet to really uncover the primary thread here, so, it could all fall apart but so far, it’s a fun time that makes me long for something Firefly like on television.

Well, that is what I’ve been reading this week. What have you been turning pages of? 



5 thoughts on “Read – 9 July 20017

  1. As customers, our feedback is our dollars, so cutting out a book tells the writers to get wise or expect a continued drop in sales.

  2. Ah I’m the same way! If you want me to read something, just have it remind me of FFVII in one way or another, and you’ll be sure to have my attention AND my money. I should make a list of all of the books I’ve read for this very reason (I have a review for one coming up soon), and it’s even better when it’s not just superficial and/or aesthetic reasons, but the book in question shares similar paradigms. *sigh* Firefly. I’ve seen Serenity and a little bit of the first (and only ;_;) season. It’s on my list to watch it in its entirety…it’s not like I have to do it before the next season comes out :\

    I just finished Locke and Key, a dark, graphic novel and started My Little Pony, a much less dark, graphic novel hehe (though it IS about the changelings taking over ponies, so meh?). I’m also reading this book about the brain, another one about the dead filed like a library called The Archive, the second book of a fantasy series about revolution, A Torch Against the Night, a book about Norse Mythology, and two Kindle novels I usually read on my lunch break. I have a ton of reviews to work on, but that’s the story of my life.

    1. I bought Locke and Key based off your last recap post, I haven’t gotten to it yet but I am really excited about it because Lovecraftian themed horror is one of my favorites.

      1. I think you’ll love it! It’s a little confusing at first with what happened when, but once you get into it, everything falls nicely into place. I’m probably going to buy the next book in the series on my next bookstore run 😀

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