Read – 16 July 2017

I began to fear I wasn’t going to have anything to write here this week as I had little motivation to read anything. But today, my middle daughter got me moving (as we work on Harry Potter together) and I bounced around on some other things.



The Hellblazer #9-11

There is something about John Constantine that keeps me coming back but I’m not sure what it is. He is barely a likable character. His villains are often weakly constructed with simple motivations. And the rest of the characters are generally forgettable by the next story arc. But still I come back to it, month after month.

In the three issues I wrapped up this week, Constantine is still hunting for an old missing journal related to the djinn (which is a pretty cool idea). Constantine seems to always be a step behind his competition here and it makes for a somewhat frustrating read. He’s as surly as ever but when he’s the dumbest guy at the party it isn’t at all charming. Issue #12 should wrap up this arc and seeing where they are right now, I can’t help but feel that it is going to be really rushed.


Poe Dameron #14-16 & Annual #1

Similar to The Hellblazer, I keep coming back to Poe Dameron’s ongoing series by Marvel even though I don’t love it. Poe is a fine character. He’s charming and heroic. He’s the prototypical Star Wars character but something about him is just missing. It isn’t that I need every Star Wars book to be about Luke, Leia, Han, etc… but Poe just doesn’t do it for me as a leading man. He’s no Corran Horn that is for sure.

The books I finished this week wrap up one piece of the ongoing story and transition in to a new one. Poe still morns for the loss of his squadmate and Leia needs him to get his head in the game and be more than just the hotshot pilot. There is all sorts of Star Warsy adventure, including a Speed like bomb on the bus thread that is quite enjoyable, even if I probably won’t remember it in a week. And that is kind of the problem with the book. It’s good fun and full on Star Wars but it’s not anything memorable and special.


In Progress


Dark Run by Mike Brooks – 13% Done

I’ve only read a little of this over the week and I still don’t have a full grasp on where the book is going. But in the couple chapters I read it has given me quite a bit of intrigue and mystery with a secret cargo and hidden pasts setting up a smuggling run to Europa. The book says it is great fun. So far it has been


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling – 24% Done

I’ve read this before, a couple times in fact, but my son picked this for family book club and so, here we are again. My son and middle daughter have never read it prior so, it is a first experience for them, which on some level I wish I could experience again because it is such a fun book. My middle daughter is struggling to read anything so I made a deal with her, she reads a chapter and then I’ll read her the next one. She is comprehending a bit more when I read it to her and that is good because I really think she will enjoy the story, especially once Hermione comes in to the picture. We have a week to finish it so, onward we go.

Well, that is what I’ve been reading this week. What have you been turning pages of?


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