Played – 5 August 2017

A week on vacation doesn’t mean a week away from video games. And while the retro rewinds had to take a back seat while I was away, my handhelds got a workout. I brought along my Game Boy Advance SP, New 3DS, and Switch. Only two of them got any playtime, and I was honestly surprised which one got more time in.

Hey! Pikmin – 3DS

I’ve played one Pikmin game prior to Hey! Pikmin. It was Pikmin 3 and while I liked the concept of that game, I wasn’t a fan of the controls and didn’t play much of it. Not being a fan of the series, I’m not sure how it wormed its way in to my head that I should get this handheld spin-off but I’m glad it did.

Hey! Pikmin is a joyous game. The puzzle gameplay of the series ports great to the handheld and a two dimensional approach. And the boss battles, something I generally don’t like in games, are super fun and smartly designed.


I played the hell out of Hey! Pikmin while on vacation and it turned out to be a way longer experience than I was expecting, clocking in at about 10 hours of gameplay. That isn’t a complaint though because honestly, I could have played another four or five sectors of the game and still been having fun if the design of the levels continued to be varried and fun.

Splatoon 2 – Nintendo Switch 

I brought my Switch and had full intentions of playing a bunch of Breath of the Wild. I ended up not touching Zelda because of Hey! Pikmin but I did start working on some of the single player levels of Splatoon 2.


I am now about 40% of the way through the game and Splatoon 2’s campaign feels very much like the original game. In fact, everything I’ve played about Splatoon 2 so far has felt like more of the original game (I’ve yet to play Salmon Run). This isn’t necessarily bad as Splatoon is a fine game but it doesn’t really seem to grow the game any.

So, that is what I’ve been playing this week. I’ll possibly be starting up Metroid on the retro side this week to prepare for the Metroid II 3DS remake coming out in a month. And I’m hoping to get to some Breath of the Wild finally as all my other big games I had been playing are wrapped up. Do you have any thoughts on these games, if so let me know in the comments. And tell me what you’ve been playing as well. 


One thought on “Played – 5 August 2017

  1. I haven’t actually played a Pikmin game since the original, but I have been thinking about giving its sequels a shot. I do remember liking the first one back in 2001.

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