One Hour In: Destiny 2

Ok, saying I’m an hour in to Destiny is a bit of a stretch as I’ve played about 10 hours of it so far. But, I’ve always liked the title as a means to signify first impressions, since we started using it over at Critically Sane years ago. And that is what this is, a […]

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Played – 19 September 2017

This listing probably looks like a lot. I mean, I did finish three games this week and most people would view that as having played quite a bit. But aside from the Disney games I finished (which honestly did not take long), most of my playtime has been sporadic. 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there. […]

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Watched – 13 September 2017

Hey guess what, today is my favorite day of this month because it is the 13th (13 is my favorite number). That has absolutely nothing to do with what I’ve been watching but I thought I’d share. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve updated on my viewings and I’ve got a small handful of […]

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Played – 12 September 2017

I’ve played quite a bit since my last update here. Some old, some new – some of which are new old games. Finished Mario Kart: Super Circuit – GBA Super Circuit is the one Mario Kart I had never played. I can now cross it off the list. Unfortunately I don’t have much more to […]

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