Watched – 13 September 2017

Hey guess what, today is my favorite day of this month because it is the 13th (13 is my favorite number). That has absolutely nothing to do with what I’ve been watching but I thought I’d share. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve updated on my viewings and I’ve got a small handful of films to talk briefly about.

I’ve also seen some Netflix comedy specials but neither are really worth touching on much. Anyway, on to my thoughts.

Baywatch – 2*

Baywatch is a trainwreck. It’s not particularly funny, kind of misses the premise of the show (instead drawing heavily from Baywatch Nights), and is really really dumb (and not in a good way). I see what they were going for here, thinking they could replicate the success of 21 Jump Street by mimicking that formula but it misses horribly. The only reason I gave this film a two is because of Zac Efron. The guy really seems to get how bad the material is and tries to work around it and he’s able to land a couple laughs in the movie playing off The Rock’s more tough guy character. All in all though, this is a miss.

It – 4*

I’ve said this before, I am a huge fan of Stephen King. His films have been a bit hit and miss but I always look forward to them. The marketing for It was near perfect and while the film isn’t perfect, it is super fun and a bit scary at points. The child cast is great. The Losers Club is charismatic and witty and the bullies are bad to the bone. Pennywise is freaking perfect; super creepy with excellent changing effects and gore that raises this above the television movie.


There are problems with the film. The biggest being that even at two hours it feels a bit rushed with all the kids fears not being explored well enough and ultimately relegating some characters to window dressing. But the film gets the biggest parts right, It isn’t about the monster n the sewers that shows up every 27 years. It is about the fears we all have and how friendship can overcome them.

I don’t usually pre-order films but I bought the digital copy as soon as I got home from the theater.

Cujo – 4*

After having seen It (and preparing for a discussion on the best Stephen King films for Movie Dudes), I gave Cujo a rewatch. The film is very much from that era of horror filmmaking. It has a slow building dread to it that I think some people might find to be a bit too slow today but much like Jaws, the payoff for the build up is well worth it. The initial car scene where Cujo attacks Donna and her son Tad is terrifying and it only builds from there as help doesn’t seem to be coming for them. It also didn’t help that Cujo kind of looks exactly like my neighbors new dog.

Rough Night – 2*

I had been warned off this film by multiple reviewers but I’m a sucker for Scarlett Johansson and I generally like Jillian Bell too. I mean, how bad could it be? Gorgeous women accidentally murder a stripper and then do everything wrong in handling it, sounds like a winner to me. I was a sucker. This is a bad movie that is painfully unfunny for most of it. Jillian Bell might be the only bright spot in this movie and its like a really dim light in a sea of darkness. Some of her lines made me chuckle a couple times but it never sustained itself for very long. Rough Night is a rough movie.


It Comes at Night – 2*

I don’t hate It Comes at Night like some people do. I don’t need horror explained to me at every turn and sometimes the horror can just be reality, there doesn’t need to be a secret dark villain hiding in the night. But if a film is going for that what I do need then is a story that makes logical sense. It Comes at Night has too many illogical jumps. Why does Joel Edgerton’s character invite the family of the guy who just broke in to their house to come live with them, especially since he seems paranoid about strangers? When it seems like said guy might know the reason they are ambushed on the way to get his family, why doesn’t Paul just kill him then (being as he is paranoid about strangers)? Why is it implied that there is a monster in the woods when the dog goes missing only for that plot point to go missing immediately afterwards? And how the hell does the dog get in to the house if all the doors are locked by Paul? Shit just happens in this movie for the sake of it happening and it makes no sense.


That is it for this week. I want to hit up Mother! this weekend and I have some TV to catch up on. Let me know if you’d like me to watch something and more importantly what you thought about some of these if you’ve seen them.

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