Played – 19 September 2017

This listing probably looks like a lot. I mean, I did finish three games this week and most people would view that as having played quite a bit. But aside from the Disney games I finished (which honestly did not take long), most of my playtime has been sporadic. 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there. Kids activities and a wedding to attend will do that.


Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers – NES via XB1’s The Disney Afternoon Collection

I have super fond memories of Rescue Rangers, both the show and the game. Much like DuckTales, I very clearly remember making time to watch the show and also beating the game. Returning to it is a pleasant experience. It is also quite easy. Yes, I did utilize the rewind function in Rescue Rangers on a few occasions but for the most part it wasn’t really necessary. The platforming levels aren’t very tricky, with only one or two that try your skill. And the bosses all have the same strategy (avoid a very clear patterned attack and throw a superball at it). It makes for a pleasant and relaxing gaming experience.

Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers 2 – NES via XB1’s The Disney Afternoon Collection

Rescue Rangers 2 was released in limited run at the end of the lifecycle of the NES. I honestly didn’t even know that this one existed and had never really gone looking for it (I have now and wow, is it a costly cart). In contrast to its predecessor, Rescue Rangers 2 ups the difficulty a bit. The platforming levels are all pretty similar to the first but it is the boss levels that make this a more challenging game. Instead of the pretty static boss fights of the first, Rescue Rangers 2 features more intricate levels and patterns of attack that need to be carried out. Add in the more narrative aspect to the game, this feels more like you are playing an episode of Rescue Rangers than the first did. It’s still not Darkwing Duck difficult but finishing it is a bit more rewarding.


DuckTales 2 – NES via XB1’s The Disney Afternoon Collection

I’d love to be able to tell you that DuckTales 2 is an improvement on its predecessor (which happens to be one of the best ever 8-bit platformers), but I can’t do that. SImilar to Rescue Rangers 2, DuckTales 2 was released in a limited run at the end of the NES lifecycle. It is a fine game. In fact it is probably better than fine as the game still features some awesome platforming and like DuckTales is one of the most responsive platformers of its era. Scrooge gets upgrades to his cane that allow him to do things that we could only dream of in the original and the levels are colorful and well designed. But so much of it feels like a rehash.


There are once again five levels to be explored. Once you get all the treasures they get snatched away from you and your forced to do a final battle with Scrooge’s nemesis. There is also another secret treasure that you get by putting together the pieces of a map. Remember, there are five levels. There are (from what I can gather) seven pieces to the map. These pieces aren’t found on the map (from what I can gather) but rather show up randomly at the end of the level to be purchased for $1000000. I got all five treasures in my playthrough and the option to get a piece of map only came up once. At the very minimum I would have had to replay levels I already had played at least six more times, with no guarantee I would get them. Seems like a cool idea to have a map to put together to unlock a secret treasure but the way they implemented it sucks.

That said, the game is still a lot of fun based on the solid mechanics and level design. I like it but I’ll take the original over it any day.

In Progress

Destiny 2 – XB1

I’m slowly making some progress and I’ve started my adventure with all three of my characters now (more on that in a bit). It is a really solid game and I am sure to be playing more of it on XB1 and PS4, because I also bought a copy for that system to play with my PS4 only friends. For as much as I like the game so far, I do have some issues with it and I’ll be working them up in a piece I hope to have posted tomorrow.


Destiny – XB1/PS4

I really like achievements. I did not get all of the easiest achievements in Destiny and so, I rebooted up the game to chase down some of the Titan and Warlock achievements I had yet to get, revolving around leveling their subclasses. I hadn’t played much of either character and didn’t really like how they looked so I deleted them both to start fresh characters. My intention was to create some cool characters I could get attached to and import them to Destiny 2. I also tracked down a copy of Destiny: The Collection on PS4 for cheap with the intention of building up my characters there and bringing them over to PS4. Yes, I know that it was only going to bring their likeness. No, I didn’t know that if I wanted to do this, I needed to have created my characters back in July because now it doesn’t matter as Destiny 2 won’t import Destiny 1 characters created after August 1. Anyway, I like achievements, I’m replaying Destiny with a Titan and a Warlock on XB1. I also kind of like trophies so… PS4 Destiny it is as well.


Mario Tennis: Power Tour – GBA

I made it to the Island Open and won my first match, barely. Winning the first round match took a lot more than just some side to side volleying and I can guess that it is only going to get harder.

Monster Hunter Stories – 3DS

I honestly haven’t played much more MHS this week, although I’ve started hitting up the monster lairs to get eggs and progressing the story a bit. My Velociraptor is still pretty awesome but I feel I should have a T-Rex or a dragon. When can I get one of them.

Final Fantasy III – PC

This run is now my longest run in this game. Before you clap and say, way to go Chris, note that my longest run prior to this was the second boss. I’ve made it through the third. I still prefer playing it on my PC as opposed to my 3DS though.

So, that is what I’ve been playing this week. I’ll be playing more Destiny and Destiny 2, Rabbids, Tennis, and Monster Hunter. Do you have any thoughts on the games I played this week, if so let me know in the comments. And tell me what you’ve been playing as well. 

One thought on “Played – 19 September 2017

  1. I had no idea a Chip & Dale sequel for the NES existed. Like they say, you learn something new everyday. Would you recommend Monster Hunter Stories? I usually get bored of Monster Hunter games, due to the grinding, but I do like turn based RPGs. Right now I am playing Final Fantasy 9 for example.

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