Hump Day Horror: Mute

Seven years ago, coming off of the release of Source Code, I was sure that Duncan Jones was going to be a big thing in films. He was seemingly carving out a nice little spot as a top notch science fiction director, delivering smart, stylish, and edgy films. And then he got sucked in to […]

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The Station Review

I’ve never liked the term walking simulator but, it is the term coined for the genre that a slew of games over the past few years have come to inhabit. Games like Dear Esther, Gone Home, and Firewatch, all populate this genre that has been met with both critical acclaim and derision. Regardless of where […]

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Black Panther Review

Say what you will about the Marvel Cinematic Universe but in 2008, they started something special and unrivaled today by anything else in cinema. Due to some questionable licensing decisions, Marvel was missing the characters that could arguably be referred to as backbone of their comics line. And this resulted in the MCU launching with […]

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