Goodbye Smuggler’s Bounty

There is a saying the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While I do like food, this isn’t really the way to endear yourself to me. But if you insist on coming and bearing me gifts (and I do so very much like gifts) then I recommend Star Wars knick knacks. I like few things more than a new coffee mug or display piece (read toy) for my collection.

It isn’t hard to get pretty standard Star Wars collectibles just about anywhere. When we were in New Orleans, a street vendor was selling Darth Vader and Yoda voodoo dolls. Star Wars is ubiquitous and there is a ton of stuff. But what does one do to get unique, but still relatively inexpensive collectibles?

One of the ways was through Funko’s loot box subscription Smuggler’s Bounty. My first experience with subscription based knick knacks was with Loot Crate. It was cool getting a box of unknown items every month but most of the time, the themes and items didn’t meld well with me. So when I heard of Smuggler’s Bounty I was a bit skeptical. Because while I knew I would love the theme every month, I wasn’t sure if the content would be worth it. Turns out it was and I’ve spent the last year getting cool collectibles delivered to me every month.


I get that Funko’s POPs are not everyone’s cup of tea but I generally like them and have quite a few of them littering my desk at work and my basement den. Smuggler’s Bounty always comes with an exclusive collectible Funko POP and a few other knick knacks including the occasional tee-shirt. I enjoy my monthly box from them but Funko has decided they’d rather not deliver to me directly anymore.

Last month, I was informed by Smuggler’s Bounty that Funko was winding down its subscription box service and my bi-monthly sub would be cancelled immediately. Yearly subs would be honored until October. In the meantime, if I wanted to get a box I had to get in the virtual line and order it like everyone else. I’m not really upset about having to order it myself because maybe one of the month’s would be a Jar-Jar box and I could just opt out of that.


My sadness here really lies in the fact that Funko has decided that it would rather sell its crates to retailers than directly to collectors. And having dealt with limited edition runs in the past at retail outlets, this is going to make collecting the boxes a miserable experience and one I probably won’t participate in. I’m sure that Funko will save money by selling to retailers but what they are really doing is creating an environment ripe for scalping and that is a shitty thing for any fan that likes to collect things.

So I wave farewell to you Smuggler’s Bounty (although I’ll continue to buy the boxes individually until you stop selling them in October), I loved you while you lasted and am disappointed in how you are leaving me but at least I’ll save myself $32 every other month I guess.


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