Weekly Reset – 11 March 2018

I’m seeing a pattern. One week of no motivation and production followed by a week of actually getting stuff done. This past week was another week of I don’t really want to do anything so… I didn’t.

To be fair there was a major snow storm that hit in the middle of the week and that sapped a lot of my strength. I mean that literally too, I was damn tired after shoveling the large amounts of very heavy wet snow that my area received. Anyway, on to the recap.


I go through spurts where I will plow through book after book. The year started off that way for me but I’ve hit a lull. I don’t have much motivation to start anything new and I know if I force myself to that I won’t enjoy it and it will spoil whatever I attempt to read. These things have to pass naturally for me.

So, while I’m not reading anything big, I have taken a stab at lowering a bit of my comic back log catching up on Doctor Aphra, Sex Criminals, and Saga over the last few days. I still have more comics to read than I should but I’m making some progress.

Reading Challenge

Books read in 2018: 11


The Oscars happened this past weekend and seeing as I haven’t seen all the nominees I thought the approaching snow storm would offer a good excuse to catch up on a couple. I chose Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. Lady Bird was a film that just didn’t move me. I get what it was about and I do think the ending is near perfect but I didn’t find it particularly funny, I found “Lady Bird” herself to be kind of insufferable, and I really think that the concepts and themes in this movie were done about 100 times better in “Edge of Seventeen”.


On the other hand, I’m not sure how Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri didn’t win Best Picture (keep in mind I’ve yet to see The Shape of Water). Three Billboards was super engaging on all fronts. The performances were stellar and the writing was emotional with some well placed humor. Out of the films I saw from 2017 that were nominated, this was hands down the best from my viewpoint.

And finally, I ventured out with the kids to see the new adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time. We’ve all read the book and we all liked the film to some degree but collectively we thought the film changes a bit too much, so much so that some of the themes seem to get crossed up and/or watered down.

Movies watched in 2018: 28

Movies watched from 2018: 7


I’ve spent nearly double the amount of time with Burnout 3: Takedown than I did with either Burnout or its sequel Burnout 2: Point of Impact combined. It’s a beefy game, so much so that its thrown off my schedule a bit for playing the series and getting to the Burnout Paradise Remastered playthrough. All in all, Burnout 3 is easily the best of the first three games. We’ll see where it stands after I finish the other ones but I can say right now that I still think it falls below Paradise.


There was a time when I liked grinidng. I was very young a stupid because it is a terrible gameplay device and I’ve hit a point in Xenoblade Chronicles where I need to do hours of questing and grinding before I can continue on with the main game. I’m 40 hours in and story bits are now getting further and further apart which is dampening my desire to continue playing. For what it is worth, this is exactly how I felt about Final Fantasy XII and it has a very similar combat mechanic. I’m still working on it but I may be fading.

And finally I finished the second third of the original Guitar Hero. This game seems more difficult than I remember Guitar Hero II and III being. It could very well just be that my skills are diminishing but I’m having trouble with some of the rapid timing on certain songs and this is not even the ending sets (that’s coming this week).

Games finished in 2018: 10

Games finished from 2018: 4


I mostly listened to podcasts this week attempting to catch up with my enormous backlog. FYI, I still have an enormous backlog.


This week’s finds: None

Albums from 2018: 4

Blog Status

I only posted twice this week but I feel good about this coming week. I’ve already written a nearly 2000 world review for Critically Sane.

Media Monday – 5 March 2018 – Looking for some podcasts? We got you covered.

Goodbye Smuggler’s Bounty – Funco’s bi-monthly Star Wars loot box is going away, at least as we know it.


That’s it for me this week. Here’s to a good week going forward.

But enough about me, what have you been up to over the last week and what is on your agenda for this week?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Reset – 11 March 2018

  1. How the critics reacted to Lady Bird is a bit puzzling to me. Taking the critics at face value, one would get the impression that there have been no films like it, seemingly forgetting that Edge of Seventeen hit most of the same notes. I agree with your assessment; though I thought it was okay, there was nothing Lady Bird attempted to do that wasn’t done better in Edge of Seventeen. A lot of people were bummed it didn’t win, but I felt The Shape of Water was the superior effort myself.

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