For the Weekend – 16 March 2018

Goodbye work week. Hello weekend.

I’ve got a busy weekend packed with activities outside the house like picking my daughter up from dance. picking my son and daughter up from church game night, driving my daughter to dance, picking her back up again, taking all the kids to a birthday party, going on a bar crawl for St. Patrick’s Day with family, taking my daughter to church, taking all the kids to another birthday party.

That doesn’t necessarily leave a lot of time to do much of anything else but I plan on trying to get out and see Tomb Raider, rewatch The Last Jedi and maybe play a little Burnout and/or Xenoblade Chronicles. We’ll see.

That’s what I’m up to this weekend. What about you all?


One thought on “For the Weekend – 16 March 2018

  1. Your daughter sounds busy! My son is too little right now to be heavily involved in activities but if he’s anything like I was once he gets older, I’m sure he’ll run me ragged.
    We’re spending the weekend indoors as both my son and wife are sick, so I’ve been catching up on blog posts (both writing and reading them) while making the two of them soup and grilled cheese. I may try to finish Dragon Quest Builders and pick up Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies this weekend when I get some time for gaming.

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