Weekly Reset – 20 May 2018

I took the last week off from pretty much everything except the Stanley Cup playoffs as I’ve been watching the Conference Finals daily. This of course left very little time to for much of anything but I did manage to fit in some reading, movie watching, and game playing. Books I’m still plugging away at […]

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Hump Day Horror: Mom and Dad

Do you have $5 and a bag of Dark Chocolate M&Ms? If so, you too can probably sign Nic Cage to star in your amateur movie. Look, times are tough for the Academy Award winning actor and the man is a working machine over the last several years. The films he’s been in have not […]

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Deep Blue Sea 2 Review

There are a ton of films that people claim “no one asked for” but obviously someone did actually ask for it because it exists. That said, I’d like to know who the people were that asked for a sequel to Deep Blue Sea. Those people are special. Really, really special. I love the original Deep […]

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Weekly Reset – 7 May 2018

I’m a day late with this but my body decided to basically become useless after I participated in the MS Walk yesterday and I did nothing but rest for the remainder of the day/night. Still, since there is no Media Monday this week due to us taking a week off because people were sick and/or […]

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Hump Day Horror – Hemlock Grove

I’m pretty sure that Eli Roth is a bad filmmaker. His films seem like the wet dreams of a demented nine year old, poorly acted but with blood, guts, and body parts everywhere. But despite knowing this, I still look forward to the work that he does. There is something about his passion and enthusiasm for […]

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Q.U.B.E. Review

One of the realities of life is that we only have so much time on our hands and we can’t experience everything. With so much entertainment coming out regularly, it is very easy to miss out on things. And things that may be right in our own wheelhouses never get experienced because we were never introduced […]

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