Hump Day Horror: Curse of Chucky

Do you remember when Chucky was scary? I don’t. Not really at least. My most recent memories of the killer doll are the duo of comedic horror films that were the direction the series took after Child’s Play 3. That is a long time of Chucky and Tiffany being the joking killer dolls combo and […]

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Mario Tennis Aces Review

The Mario sports series of games is one where anyone can jump in and play. They’re simplified, arcadey versions of their base sports and offer a fun and familiar atmosphere to play them in. If you don’t know tennis, or golf, or soccer, or racing, the Mario sports games are the perfect entry point for […]

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Media Monday – 25 June 2018

Happy Monday! Enjoy some gaming and movie talk to kick off your work week and then go and play some games and watch some movies yourself and come back to tell me about them. The Perfectly Sane Show Ep. 408: Games, Games, and More Games The guys get back to talking about what they’ve been […]

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Weekly Reset – 24 June 2018

Another week has gone by and I’m just sitting here looking back at it. Books I finally wrapped up Dan Brown’s Origin (the 5th Robert Langdon novel). It’s… OK. As a generic thriller, it is fine. As a Robert Langdon book, it’s not. Over four pervious novels, Brown has built Langdon up as a brilliant […]

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