Hump Day Horror – Dream Alone

Since the debut of Playdead’s Limbo, there have been a steady handful of independent studios trying to capture the look, feel, and success of the critically acclaimed platformer. None though have managed the feat quite as well as WarSaw Games debut title, Dream Alone. At a quick glance you may even mistake Dream Alone for […]

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Media Monday – 9 July 2018

I’m on vacation this week but that doesn’t mean the podcasts stop coming. Actually… there won’t be any next week because of my time off but that doesn’t mean there is no podcasts this week. Enjoy some gaming and movie talk while you aren’t on vacation or even if you are. The Perfectly Sane Show […]

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Media Monday – 2 July 2018

Happy start to July! Enjoy some gaming and movie talk, looking back on the first half of 2018, to kick off your work week and then go and play some games and watch some movies yourself and come back to tell me about them. The Perfectly Sane Show Ep. 409: 2018 Mid-Year Check This week […]

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