Weekly Reset – 26 August 2018

This week was busy and for the first time in quite a while I put together a nice string of blog posts. I hope to continue that this week as I near my birthday on Thursday.


I may have motivated myself to get some writing done this week but, reading wise I am still mostly stalled. I did wrap up Final Fantasy: Ultimania Archive Volume 1 but I’m still stalled about two thirds of the way through Finder Keepers. ffultimaniav1

Reading Challenge

Books read in 2018: 18


My wife and I went out and saw Crazy Rich Asians, which was pretty much your standard rom-com but well done enough that we both enjoyed the two hour run time. I also watched a short animated anthology film called Extraordinary Tales which focused on a quintet of Edgar Allen Poe stories. I wrote about this on Wednesday for Hump Day Horror. And finally, I watched Wishmaster. I’ve seen the film before but didn’t remember most of it. It is… OK. I’ll have more to say on this Wednesday’s horror post.


Movies watched in 2018: 87

Movies watched from 2018: 46


After completing a few games last week, I only wrapped up 2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL. My review of that went up on Friday. Other than that I’ve started Shenmue and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. One of those games is good. Hint: It’s not Shenmue.


Games finished in 2018: 65

Games finished from 2018: 9


This week’s finds: Nothing

Albums from 2018: 19

Blog Status

Five posts this past week is a pretty good return I think.

Media Monday – 20 August 2018 – Podcasts for your listening pleasure.

Top 10 Tuesday: Most Anticipated Games of the Rest of the Year – My list of the top ten games I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.

Hump Day Horror: Extraodrinary Tales – Edgar Allen Poe in animated form.

Throwback Thursday: Castlevania on the N64 – Turns out, the N64 Castlevania games aren’t that bad.

2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL – Switch Review – My review of 2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL on the Nintendo Switch.

Enough about me, what have you been up to over the last week and what is on your agenda for this week?

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