Weekly Reset – 9 September 2018

This was a pretty busy week on the responsibility front. From handling my new dual role at work to getting back in the groove of picking up kids from their various activites, it’s been a struggle. But even though I didn’t have much time to do anything, I still found some time for a little bit of fun stuff.


I picked up Finders Keepers and read about five or six pages. Considering my reading funk recently, I’ll consider this progress.

Reading Challenge

Books read in 2018: 18


Absolute zilch on this front, which honestly is really weird for me. I do hope to hit up The Nun and Peppermint in the next couple days though so, I should have something to talk about on the next episode of Movie Dudes. Oh, and I’ll be starting my Halloween series rewatch as well.

Movies watched in 2018: 87

Movies watched from 2018: 46


OK, so here is where the meat of my week’s recreational activities has been. I’ve been playing a lot of The Messenger and Dead Cells, both of which are outstanding. But, I’ll talk more about them in upcoming reviews.

Some stuff I can’t review though because the game’s aren’t out yet are a trio of EA games. Battlefield V is in open beta right now and I’ve got to say I am impressed. I was not feeling BFV coming out of E3. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, I just wasn’t blown away by the PR for it like I was with BF1. And BF1 may have been it’s biggest problem because on the surface, BFV looks pretty damn similar. And sure, at it’s core, it is another Battlefield game but they’ve made some tweeks that I’m really enjoying like the quicker time to kill and the emphasis on support classes actually being useful. Both maps in the Beta were beautiful and fun to play on. I’m now fully pumped for this game.


Two other EA games yet to be released that I touched were NBA Live 19 and NHL 19. To note: I am not a basketball fan and haven’t played a serious basketball game since early PS2 era. I am however a huge hockey fan and have played every iteration of EA’s NHL series.

NBA Live 19 is not what I was expecting and I really liked the “street court” style the career mode has going for it. I stink at it and I assume that is just me but it could also be the game not being good, I just don’t know but… it does look pretty great.

NHL 19 is more NHL. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing because NHL 18 was a pretty good hockey game and had a good variety of casual/arcadey experiences and the more hardcore/simulation experiences. NHL 19 also has all that. And I found myself sucked down a three hour hole with it when I played the trial. Am I going to get it at launch? Probably not but I won’t be waiting too long on it, I just need Tomb Raider first.

I’ve also played a little bit of Fortnite working my way through the Battlepass and I still really like that game. However, I’m not fully sold on their weird limited time objective mode, The Getaway. It plays like a crazy version of multi-team, multi-flag, capture the flag. It’s a fine diversion but I’ll be fine with it leaving.


And finally, I’ve played the big game of the week, Spider-Man. I really like it. And granted, I’ve only played for a few hours but, I think I like it more than God of War. I don’t love everything about it though. The traversal is great, as is the collectathon that I am currently engaging in. The combat however, isn’t my cup of tea. Yes, it is basically just Batman combat and I do like that but Spider-Man seems to pit you against too many off-screen enemies that have guns and sometimes the heavy guys just kind of blend in with the pack to the point that they get close on me and I end up dead. You can say get gud or whatever if you want but I think it is a big issue for me.

Games finished in 2018: 65

Games finished from 2018: 9


This week’s finds: Nothing

Albums from 2018: 19

Blog Status

Just a podcast and video post from this past week.

Media Monday – 3 September 2018 – Podcasts and a special surprise for your listening pleasure.

Enough about me, what have you been up to over the last week and what is on your agenda for this week?


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