Top Ten Tuesday – Games I Missed Out On

There are too many games and not enough time (or money) to play them all. So, to kick off the season of lists, I thought I’d look back on the 10 games from 2018 that I really wanted to get to play but most likely won’t get to as time is quickly running out on the year.

10. Into the Breach

Strategy games are generally not my thing but everyone was talking up Into the Breach earlier this year that it had my interest. It also involves mechs and aliens, so what isn’t there to like

9. Fallout 76

Look, I know Fallout 76 is this year’s gaming dumpster fire. Everything from bad servers to nylon bags has plagued this game but… it is still Fallout and even though I didn’t love Fallout 4, I still want to give it a try. I’ll just be waiting for Bethesda to iron out some bugs and for the price to drop a bit.

8. Detective Pikachu

I’ll admit it, I slept on this one earlier this year. The game seemed cute enough but I kind of let it slip my mind but then the trailer for the movie dropped a couple weeks ago and man, do I ever want to play this game now.


7. Dragon Quest XI

Confession time. I haven’t played a Dragon Quest game since Dragon Warrior IV on the NES. XI seems awesome though and I’ve been feeling my libraries lack of modern JRPGs recently.

6. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Speaking of JRPGs, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was one of my favorite JRPGs from the last generation of consoles. Revenant Kingdom looks a bit different but no less inviting and I really need to find some time to return to its fantasy land.

5. LEGO The Incredibles

I love LEGO games and I really enjoy The Incredible movies, so this kind of seemed like a no brainer being as it bundles both the first and second movies in one game. But things happened, I forgot the game existed and now I’m sitting here waiting for a price drop.


4. A Way Out

The problem with a co-op game only game is that you need someone to play co-op with reliably and my wife is not that person (she doesn’t really play games) so while A Way Out seemed like a cool idea, I had to pass on it. Hopefully I can convince someone to give it a try when/if it comes to EA Access.

3. Detroit: Become Human

David Cage is an ass. He isn’t a good game designer. He writes terrible dialog and he clearly wants to be a filmmaker but doesn’t have the chops so he peddles his weird stories in weird games via Quantic Dream. But even so, I am always drawn to try his stuff out. Detroit is the first game of his that I didn’t try at launch but it is still on my wish list.


2. Far Cry 5

I still haven’t finished Far Cry 4 but there is something about the setting of Far Cry 5 that really makes me want to give it a go. Even if it is just more Far Cry.

1. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

I love Insomniac as a developer but the big hole for me is the Spyro trilogy. I mostly passed them by during the PSX era for more “mature” fare (although I do have experience with the original title). This reignited set is a lot of bang for the buck and the first one I’ll be aiming for when I get a chance.

Those are some of the games I missed out on, what are some of yours?


One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday – Games I Missed Out On

  1. I said this in my 150 review special, but I feel David Cage’s output to be openly cynical products. They don’t strike me as the kinds of works that have any faith in the medium – a perception that wasn’t helped by one interview I saw him in. Ultimately, I feel there’s a reason why so few developers have taken cues from them – not even the ones interested in making story-heavy games. Maybe even especially the ones interested in making story-heavy games given that such products look wildly different than anything Quantic Dream has done (and that’s for the best). Still, I know what you mean in that I kind of want to check out Detroit: Beyond Human so I can take part in the conversation. Maybe once the price drops, I’ll give it a chance.

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