Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone that has stopped by the blog over the last year.

Maintaining a blog can be tough, maintaining a blog and dealing with craziness at work, helping manage a family of four kids with my wife, and producing two podcasts on a weekly basis is at times stretching myself a little thin. I’ve got to do a better job of time management and get away from needing to feel like I should play/watch/review everything I touch. That’s one of my goals for 2019. We’ll see how that goes because I have a lot of other things I want to do in 2019 as well.

But before we move in to 2019 (I mean, we’re there already but…) let’s look back on the past year first.

I ranked all of the albums, games, and films I consumed in 2018. Being as the album list is nearly 30 long and that is the short one, I’m going to drop my top 10s below. If you really want to see my listing I’ve included links in the headers to the Twitter threads that contain them.

Favorite Albums of 2018

10. Against the Current’s Past Lives
9. Sister Hazel’s Wind
8. Disturbed’s Evolution
7. Slash’s Living the Dream
6. Halestorm’s Vicious
5. Ben Rector’s Magic
4. Tremonti’s A Dying Machine
3. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born Soundtrack
2. Rita Ora’s Phoenix
1. Guns N’ Roses’s Appetite for Destruction (Super Deluxe Edition)

My wife feels I cheated naming a 31 year old album as my album of the year but the Super Deluxe Edition is packed with demos and live recordings that weren’t available 31 years ago, including a piano demo for November Rain, and well, how often is it that you get to name one of your favorite albums of all time as your album of the year?


Favorite Films of 2018

10. Creed II
9. A Quiet Place
8. A Simple Favor
7. Widows
6. First Man
5. Mission: Impossible – Fallout
4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
3. BlacKKKlansman
2. Halloween
1. A Star is Born

After a slow start to the year, I think 2018 really tuned it on and came away being a fantastic year for movies. It was a year filled with a good mix of everything and while there were certainly some stinkers, the good certainly outweighed the bad. And I certainly wouldn’t have predicted my favorite film of the year was going to be a musical film starring Lady Gaga and directed by Bradley Cooper (also starring).


Favorite Games of 2018

10. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
9. Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu!
8. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
7. Battlefield V
6. Gris
5. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
4. Diablo III: Eternal Collection
3. The Messenger
2. Burnout Paradise Remastered
1. Tetris Effect

No Red Dead? No God of War? No… Spider-Man? For the first two, no they don’t belong here and while I think God of War is perfectly fine, it’s really just that a fine game and not one I am going to think about much in the coming years. As for Spider-Man, it really does belong on here and if I didn’t include Diablo or Burnout, it would be on the list. That said, Diablo III and Burnout Paradise are two of my all time favorite games and being able to play Diablo III on the Switch was something truly special, while Burnout Paradise 10 years on is still one of the best racing games to ever release. But anyway, Tetris Effect is amazing, you should play it.


If you want to hear me talk about my movie or game picks (game picks are a bit different because I cut the remasters for the podcast) here are the links to our Awards shows.

The Perfectly Sane Show Ep. 431: Awards for Video Games or Something

The Perfectly Sane Show Ep. 432: Game of the Year 2018

Movie Dudes Ep. 187: The 2018 Movie Dudes Awards

Movie Dudes Ep. 188: The Movie Dudes Top 10s of 2018


As you may know, I really like numbers and lists and for the past few years I’ve kept detailed lists of what I’ve watched and played.

This year I watched 172 films, that is down 58 from 2017. Of those 172, 80 were released in 2018 and their average rating was 3.15 on a solid five star scale.

I put time in to 185 different games this year, up 79 from 2017. Of those 185 games, 49 were released in 2018 and their average rating was 3.55 on a solid five star scale.

I finished 82 games this year, up 22 from 2017.

The Xbox One was my most used gaming device, followed by the PC, Switch, PS4, and mobile devices (phones/tablets). You could add up all the time I spent on the PC, Switch, PS4, and mobile and it wouldn’t reach what I put in on the XB1. Similary, The PC and Switch were almost double in playtime than my PS4 and mobile.

Other consoles to get some use this year, the Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, PSX, Gameboy, GBA, 3DS, Genesis, N64, SNES, NES, Atari 2600, TG16, and the Commodore 64.

Overall gametime was up 37% year over year.

And now there are new spreadsheets to fill with new films, games, books, and albums for a whole new year.


So what do I have in store for 2019?

That’s a good question. I want to continue to do more creative things in the realm of video and audio. I’m not planning on abandoning the blog though and since outside of the blog I’ve decided to do an all-time ranking of games, I think I’ll bring aspects of that in here and explore some games and where they place on my all time list. I’ll also highlite the audio and video stuff I’m working on here on the blog.

Will it be five posts a week? Probably not but I will try to get a few things up on a consistent basis.

On the other side of that, I want to support new and lesser known bloggers and content creators, so maybe I’ll use this as a place to shine a light on some of them. Because I know it can be frustrating to not get any feedback on the stuff you create and I want to try to be a little more encouraging this year.

So, happy New Year to everyone and I hope you continue to stick with me and I’m going to try and stick with you, with likes and comments when I get a chance. Here’s to a good year going forward.

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