Ranking Them All

I love lists and over the course of the year I keep a variety of them. Since January 2014, I’ve kept a detailed list of the games, movies, and books I’ve consumed. It’s fun to see how much time I put in to certain games (far too much in to Destiny) and which movies I’ve watched multiple times (Rogue One and A New Hope top the list of most watched). But while they provide a good amount of data and can show certain trends, they don’t necessarily show what are my favorites.

Because of this, I’ve set about creating a new list. A master list, if you will, of game rankings. Rankings are subjective in nature but I need something more than just a feeling to help me place these so I’ve created a formula.

After much thought, and some generous input from my Twitter friends, I came up with a formula that I feel somewhat comfortable with. There are 9 weighted categories that play in to the formula.


The first four are probably familiar to anyone that once read old gaming magazines. Visuals, Sound, Gameplay, and Fun. These four are worth 500 points in the rankings.

Visuals – Scored out of 5 and multiplied by 10 points.

Sound – Scored out of 5 and multiplied by 10 points

Gameplay – Scored ouf of 5 and multiplied by 30 points

Fun – Scored out of 5 and multipled by 50 points.

Visuals, Sound, and Gameplay are pretty self explanatory. And for me at least, Gameplay is the driving factor of games so it gets the bulk of the weight there. Fun is shorthand for the broader concept enjoyment/appreciation and for me enjoying and appreciating the game is most important over all the technical aspects and as such gets the other half of these points. As such, I can really like an ugly game, that sounds terrible and plays mediocre and the game still ends up with a 300 point score.

Next up is my personal score. While I prefer to do things out of 5, I’ve chosen to go with a score of 10 for this as such a score allows me to be a little more nuanced in my scoring.

Personal – Scored out of 10 and multiplied by 50 points.

I think of this as an intangible score. For instance I really like both NHLPA ’93 and NHL ’95 but when scoring them by visuals, sound, gameplay, and fun, they score exactly the same. However, there is just something about NHLPA ’93 that I like a touch more than NHL ’95 so I score it personally higher.


Next up is a bit of a strange one but I thought that it needed to be incorporated to some degree and that is Play Time.

Play Time – Total hours played divded by 4.

So 1 point for every four hours played. I do feel that a game that only takes a little bit of time to complete can get shafted here but I also felt that there needed to be some recognition for games that I have sunk excessive amounts of time in to, whcih is why I went with a 1 for 4 split.

Next is maybe another questionable one but it is a solid indicator of how much one likes a game.

Times Finished – number multiplied by 25.

Going back to a game is often indicative of how much one enjoys a game and at least for me, I only reserve it for games I deem special. So while finishing a game once is maybe not anything to write home about, doing so multiple times opens up extra points for those games I truly appreciate. This is also why I kept the play time category because there are some games one can’t rightly “finish”, like say Fortnite and they would be punished here so I feel it kind of evens out (but more in favor of games that can be “finished”).

And maybe the weirdest of all the rank components, ownership.

Own – number multiplied by 10.

I didn’t want to put too much stock in this one but I do think that spending money and continuing to have it in one’s library is an small but important piece. Owning a game more than once, like say multiple copies of Final Fantasy, is something that should boost a game a bit.

And finally the personal boost.

Boost –  up to 100 points

A little something extra for those games I feel should leapfrog over others.

To be honest, I’m not sure how I want to distribute these 100 extra points and what the criteria should be but, they are there for me to use.


Ranking = (Visuals * 10) + (Sound * 10) + (Gameplay * 30) + (Fun * 50) + (Personal Score * 50) + (Play Time / 4) + (Times Finished * 25) + (Owned * 10) + (Personal Boost)

That’s the current model for the formula. Now to begin ranking some games (Secret: I’ve already done quite a few) and revealing them here on the blog. I think, I am going to limit the rankings to games I’ve finished and writing up a review/placement post showcasing the why behind where they are.

If you have any suggestions to make the formula more complex (or less, but who wants that?) feel free to drop them down below.









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