I Just Finished: A Bunch of Games

I really like the idea of writing out a long blog post about my history (or lack thereof) with a game and then my experience with it but damn do that take a lot of time and effort (most good things usually do). I’ve just been pretty busy and not had much desire to sit down at my computer and write something (anything) but I did want to lay out some of the games I’ve finished recently. This past weekend, I had a hell of a run (including yesterday) finishing five games since February kicked off four days ago. So, on to the catchup post.

Resident Evil (Remake) – XB1 – 2014


I like that it isn’t a shot for shot remake of the original game. The changes in house layout and addition/subtraction of various puzzles makes both games worthwhile to revisit. There are things about the remake that I prefer but I do miss the straight up B-movie aesthetic that the original was unintentionally hitting with its live action opening and ridiculous voice acting. Anyway, this like the original is a great game.

Current Overall Ranking: 28

Metro 2033 Redux – XB1 – 2014


I played Metro when it originally came out in 2010 and remember really liking it. The setting and atmosphere were all pretty cool and I wasn’t upset with the FPS mechanics. Coming back to it with Redux is something else. I still love the setting and atmosphere, although the weird palcement of the Metro novels everywhere is a bit goofy, but the gameplay this time around was just annoying. The shooting seemed sloppy (and maybe that was because I was playing with a controller as opposed to the mouse/keyboard run on my original play) and unsatisfying. I am now a little leary of jumping in to Last Light.

Current Overall Ranking: 250

Mortal Kombat XL – XB1 – 2016

I’m not a fighting game guy. I’m terrible at them against the AI on the easy settings (which by the way is where I played MK XL). I popped in MK XL because there were MS rewards associated with certain getting achievements in certain games available in Xbox Game Pass. I fully intended to just play a couple matches and get the achievements I needed to get the rewards points. Instead I played through the entire story mode over the course of three or four play sessions (its short, about 5 hours or so) and I loved it. The story was like watching a ridiculous 80s action film and I was drawn in by most of the characters despite not really knowing any of them (I played that MK vs. DC game but mostly for the DC stuff). I’m not going to rush out and get MK 11 but I’d probably pick it up at a discount if they do the story the same way.

Current Overall Ranking: 110

Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom – NES – 1991

Ninja Gaiden Episode III - The Ancient Ship of Doom (USA)-190204-142524

I got two games when I got my NES for Christmas as a kid. Those games were Super Mario Bros. and Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden was ridiculously hard but I loved it and when you only have two games, you play it over and over again, so I actually got pretty good at memorizing the layouts and enemy placements to the point I eventually got pretty good at it. I loved Ninja Gaiden and it still stands as one of my favorite games. It’s sequel Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos is a better game in every way but I prefer the original. Up until this weekend, I had never played the finale of the NES trlogy. And… it’s fine. It has everything you want out of a Ninja Gaiden game but also some of the bullshit you don’t want. Ninja Gaiden III doubles up on some of that bullshit and it makes for a rather frustrating experience. If I wasn’t playing on an emulator with the ability to save my progress, I would have quit on the second or third level. That said, save states helped me through the game and I liked it but didn’t love it. The story is the weakest, the cutscenes are the most likely to cause a siezure, the levels are a bit too long and require perfection if you want to have a chance against thhe bosses, which are mostly a bit too easy (except for the final one which has three forms and you’ll probably run out of time during the last one which requires a rerun of the final level).

Current Overall Ranking: 178

Thomas Was Alone – XB1 – 2014


I remember people raving about Thomas Was Alone when it came out in 2012. I blocked it out because its visual style seemed stupid to me (Thomas and his pals are rectangles and squares). But, a new set of MS Rewards points related to Thomas Was Alone via Xbox Game Pass went up and well, I can play a game to get a couple achievements right? First off, the achievements in the game take a bit, its either find all the little hidden things in a set of levels or do some things a ton (or beat the game) but after I started playing, I was just in it. I started the game last night and in two 2+ hour sessions I finished it. The game was great. The story was cute and gave personality to the little blocks. The music was excellent. And most importantly, tThe puzzles and platforming were fun and challenging but never unfair. If you like puzzle platformers, you shoudl really play this one.

Current Overall Ranking: 59

What have you been playing recently?

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