Vacation Viewing

I watched 12 movies over my vacation with half of them being rewatches (Alien, Jaws, etc…) so I don’t see much need to talk about them. However, the other half were films that I saw for the first time, three of them in theaters. The Lion King (2019) I’m not offended by Disney’s desire to […]

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Vacation Gaming

On my vacation, I wrapped up three games. Considering I generally wrap up about 7-10 games a month, this isn’t really an increase. In fact, while in the mountains, I only played my Switch a few times and two of the three games I finished on my vacation were bookends. Gears of War 2 – […]

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Vacation Reading

I’ve recently returned from 10 days of vacation, which was mostly spent with my family in the mountains. I spent the time reading on the deck, watching movies with my kids, and playing some games. Three books finished, three games finished, and 12 movies watched (most being rewatches). But right now I only have time […]

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61st Game Finished of 2019

I was sick yesterday so I stayed home from work and sat on my couch and played games. I decided to rent Wolfenstein: Youngblood and I’m glad I did because I got to play it for $3 and saved myself $27 by not buying it in a few weeks. I didn’t save myself the 9 […]

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