100 Games of the Decade – #94-92

The list of my favorite games of the decade continues…

#94 – Battlefield 3 – Various (2011)

Battlefield had long been a big deal in the gaming community if you played on PC. Consoles however were a different story and while Bad Company 2 was the tipping point to give the series credence that it was a series that could hold its own on consoles, Battlefield 3 was the first “real” Battlefield. Tons of maps, a solid progression system, and a swarm of players made it a game that was able to go toe to toe with CoD and hold its own in the market.


#93 – The Gardens Between – Various (2018)

I’m a fan of puzzle games and I really like when they are smartly integrated in to a nice narrative experience. The Gardens Between takes a very simple mechanic, the rewinding and fast forwarding of time, to build puzzles and convey a nostalgic journey of a childhood friendship. It’s a fun, smart, and touching game.


#92 – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Various (2014)

Speaking of puzzle games, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a phenomenal experience. The narrative of Captain Toad searching for Toadette is simplistic and not the draw here but the characters are super charming and enjoyable as the bumpers to the amazing three dimensional puzzles. In true Nintendo fashion, the game teaches you how to solve the puzzles and continues to ramp them up until they become sprawling multi-level excursions that always leave you feeling brilliant when you complete them.


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