100 Games of the Decade – #73-71

The list of my favorite games of the decade continues…

#73 – Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions – Various (2010)

Shattered Dimensions is Into the Spider-Verse before there was a Spider-Verse. Taking four different versions of Spider-Man (Amazing, 2099, Ultimate, and Noir) and three different styles of play (Amazing and Ultimate mostly play the same), this game is a best of run of Spider-Man adventure. The levels are well designed, the gameplay even better, and the story is a top notch comic book/cartoon superhero adventure.


#72 – Super Mario 3D Land – 3DS (2011)

Super Mario 3D Land is impressive because it’s on a handheld. The levels are designed to be perfectly consumed on the go, in bite sized bursts but it doesn’t feel compromised in the slightest. In fact, Super Mario 3D Land is everything you’d expect from a top tier title out of the Mario franchise.


#71 – Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order – Various (2019)

In a decade that saw the revitalization of the Star Wars brand (questionably revitalized to some), the biggest thing missing from its revival has been its lack of video games. There just hasn’t been a lot of games to begin with, let alone good ones. Jedi: Fallen Order is a good one. I have my issues with it (too much sliding, mediocre combat design, incomprehensible use of the Dark Souls campfire mechanic, atrocious collectibles) but it pulls it all together to in a quality package that gives me hope that there will be more interactive adventures in my favorite far, far away galaxy.


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