100 Games of the Decade – #52-50

The list of my favorite games of the decade continues, with the second post of the day…

#52 – Gris – Various (2018)

Last year Gris hit me out of nowhere. It was a beautiful hand drawn puzzle platformer with a haunting story told through its scenery and propelled by the moving soundtrack. Pretty games with good story and great music though are a dime a dozen now though, so what made Gris stand out? It was the well designed levels and puzzle sequences that took some thought to process and progress. It’s a step above most indie platforms of the same ilk.


#51 – Thomas Was Alone – Various (2012)

Speaking of indie platformers, I slept on Thomas was alone forever because of its unique art style. Thomas, and his friends, are all geometric shapes, not something that screams platformer or personality but oh was I wrong. In actuality it is maybe one of the most personality driven platformers going. Granted, its all conveyed by a narrator telling us who these little block people are but each block has a distinct personality and each also has unique gameplay opening up some great puzzles to be solved.


#50 – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – PS4 (2017)

Uncharted is one of my favorite Sony exclusive series. Drake’s Fortune was the modern reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise I was waiting for and Nate may be the best video game facsimile of Indiana Jones ever (including Indy’s own games). Uncharted 2 is one of my top 50 games of all-time but Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is the only Uncharted game you’ll see on this list and it weirdly doesn’t star Nate. I found 3 to be fun enough but ultimately uneven and while I loved the story of 4, it dragged on for about four hours too long for me and that was four hours too much of bullshit encounters with armored enemies. The Lost Legacy has none of these problems. It tells a well paced story with great set pieces that knows exactly when to end itself. I love it and place it only behind Uncharted 2 on my series ranking.


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