15th Game Finished of 2020 – Detention – PC (2017)

Detention is a point and click adventure game by Taiwanese game developer Red Candle Games. You may know them from news stories last year about their game Devotion being pulled from Steam in relation with some Winnie the Pooh imagery and Xi Jingping, the President of the People’s Republic of China. But Detention made some waves of its own when it released in 2017.

Set in Taiwan during the White Terror, a period of martial law that stemmed from an anti-government uprising, Detention sees our protagonist, Ray, attempting to survive in her school during a Typhoon. All is not as it seems though as quickly we discover that the school is infested with demons and the undead. Why though is the mystery we are set on to uncover.


The story is rather twisted and dark journey for Ray as we learn of her broken home life and a illicit affair with one of her teachers. But the decisions that past Ray makes are weighty and hurt a lot of people, leaving the question of was any of this worth it?

Gameplay wise, Devotion is pretty standard point and click adventure gaming. You’ll find items that you’ll need to use on objects or combine them to make something else. Most of the puzzles are common sense, but there are a couple that require some knowledge that I just didn’t have readily available or was willing to think through (so I looked up the solution). Where Devotion does stray a bit on the standard adventure gaming approach is its inclusion of demons that can, and will, kill Ray if they catch her. These demons can be snuck past using a handful of methods, that all involve holding Ray’s breath, and while I didn’t find them difficult, they did become annoying at a point.


The overall story and the ending cover for the few shortcomings the gameplay has making Detention well worth a play for adventure game fans.

Played on: PC

Also Available On: Nintendo Switch, PS4

Time to finish: 3.5 hours

Personal Score: 7/10

Ranked Score: 730 points

Current All-Time Ranking: 581 (below Metroid: Prime, ahead of The Amazing Spider-Man)


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