20th Game Finished of 2020 – North – XB1 (2016)

North is straight up weird and how it ended up on my Xbox is still somewhat unknown to me. I must have bought it at some point but I don’t remember doing so and having now played it I question why I bought it.


There isn’t much to say about North. You start out in a very dark world filled with sharp urban architecture and are left to just explore. It seems you are an imigrant of some kind, trying to make a better life for yourself. All the natural denizens are very traditional alien looking creatures and well that’s about it. You explore, the area, completing simple tasks and taking dumb tests until you end up successfully getting accepted in to the new community where you discover everything has been a lie.


My wife sat with me and watched me play through this and she thought it was stupid and hard to see (everything is overly dark). I’m a little more forgiving, as she found most of the activities stupid and pointless (they are but so are a lot of side quest activities in games), but I do come out of the game not being able to recommend it to anyone. I care so little about it, I’ve struggled to hit 200 words on this.

Played on: XB1

Time to finish: 1 hour

Personal Score: 5/10

Ranked Score: 535 points

Current All-Time Ranking: 903 (below The Chronicles of Quiver Dick, ahead of Heroes of the Storm)


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