Weekly Reset: Six More Weeks of Winter

We got hit with our first major storm of the winter this past week and as I write this, we are getting hit with a smaller (and faster moving) system that will leave another six inches of snow behind. You’d think though between shoveling and work, I’d have done less this week but I kept my promise and had the best week of content on the blog in some time.


Six posts this week, I think I found some inspiration.

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The Perfectly Sane Show Ep.533: It’s Game Time


Most of my gaming week was spent playing The Medium, which I’ll have a write-up for this week. I finished it the other day and mostly liked it. It has some issues, and some of them were my expectations, but overall I think it is a good solid horror adventure title. That said, it is not the second coming of Silent Hill and if you go in with those expectations you are going to be sorely disappointed.

While I wasn’t disappointed in The Medium, I think I am disappointed in Cyber Shadow. It’s just not clicking with me and that is really, really weird because it’s basically modeled after Ninja Gaiden. As I said previously, The Messenger did the Ninja Gaiden homage better a couple years ago and Cyber Shadow’s brutal difficulty isn’t helping its case or my patience with it. And finally, I suppose I should talk about Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Breakpoint seems to not be loved in critical circles and I understand why (it is a buggy mess and we’re over a year out from it’s initial release) but playing this with friends as our Friday night hangout game has been great.

This week my plan is to finish Deadly Premonition 2 and then start in on Spider-Man: Miles Morales. But also, Kim at Later Levels is running the #LoveYourBacklog event and now that I’ve finally got my Backlog loaded in a public place I felt it’s time to share. I’ll be doing a bigger post about my backlog later this month but for now just know… it’s a lot.


I didn’t find much time to watch films this week but I did carve out a couple hours yesterday to watch Space Sweepers. Space Sweepers is Netflix’s latest “original” and it is a South Korean sci-fi action film. Like Skyfire, which I watched a little bit ago, Space Sweepers is the perfect kind of dumb film to just relax and enjoy without thinking too much about it. It’s not amazing but I enjoyed my viewing of it.


I’ve continued on in the last season of Doctor Who (series 12) and Season five of Kitchen Nightmares. Both have been great, however, I did come across a two parter in Kitchen Nightmares that made me question how “real” it is. This episode was about a restaurant run by a father, mother, and son, in which the father basically stole “$250,000” from his son’s trust fund to open the restaurant and now the business is failing. There was all sorts of dramatics (the head chef wanted to punch out the son and ultimately got fired then came back demanding his paycheck and accused the mom of needing mental help). It was all very bizarre but also, highly entertaining.


One book finished this week and that is the novelization of the first three Final Fantasy games called Memory of Heroes by Takashi Umemura. I’ll have a write up for it this week but short version, it’s about as absurd as you’d think. This week, I’m reading the latest Star Wars High Republic novel, Into the Dark by Claudia Gray.

Anyway, that was what I was up to, what have you been doing and what are your plans for this week?

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Add yours

  1. We’ve got about 4 inches of snow here and which isn’t a lot so I’m not complaining. 🙂
    I have to figure out this week how much more of this book I’m going to read before I decide to quit or continue. I don’t think I’ve picked it up all week but I feel bad not giving it more of a shot.

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