Retro Game Treasure Box #1

So, I joined a Loot Crate style mystery box program that centers around retro games. For $40 a month Retro Game Treasure sends you a box of old games in the mail for the systems you own. I kind of like surprises and I’ve been collecting a bit more in the retro space recently so, […]

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Played – 23 July 2017

It was a Nintendo kind of week for me. Specifically a Mario kind of week. And there is nothing wrong with those kinds of weeks, even if it puts me behind on just about everything else. Castlevania – NES via the NES Classic I wrote about this on Thursday, so if you want my detailed […]

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Throwback Thursday: Castlevania

Despite being a series I have great fondness for, I have not thought about Castlevania much recently. But Netflix put out a four episode animated adaptation on its streaming service and I felt I had to give it a go. Turns out, I liked it. Also turns out that it just so happened to be […]

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Played – 15 July 2017

I bought a bunch of games this week but I didn’t play a whole lot. However, I did throwback to some older games. One I remembered fondly but, maybe it doesn’t hold up great. And the other I remember falling off of really quickly and I’m not sure why.   Mario Kart 64 – N64 […]

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Throwback Thursday: Diablo III

Diablo III, a now five year old game, recently received a new piece of content. The pack, entitled “The Rise of the Necromancer” brings the Necromancer class to the game. Over the years since release, I’ve played quite a bit of the game and seen it grow and take shape in to the awesome form […]

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Played – 8 July 2017

I was home for a few days and instead of watching a bunch of movies, I cracked in at a bunch of games. I made some major progress in a couple games I’ve been playing for a while, revisited one of my favorites, gave a shot at a free-to-play game and lost money on it, […]

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