Goodbye Smuggler’s Bounty

There is a saying the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While I do like food, this isn’t really the way to endear yourself to me. But if you insist on coming and bearing me gifts (and I do so very much like gifts) then I recommend Star Wars knick knacks. I […]

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Hump Day Horror – Deep Rising

Director Stephen Sommers is most well known for the first two of Brendan Fraser’s Mummy films. Those two films are stupid, fun, action adventure movies with a hint of horror in them. Prior to his success with The Mummy though, he brought us the 1998 box office bomb that was Deep Rising.  And we should […]

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Read – 16 July 2017

I began to fear I wasn’t going to have anything to write here this week as I had little motivation to read anything. But today, my middle daughter got me moving (as we work on Harry Potter together) and I bounced around on some other things. Finished The Hellblazer #9-11 There is something about John […]

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Read – 25 June 2017

I didn’t post an edition of this last week because frankly, I didn’t have much to update. But after catching up on a handful of comics, I’m back. Finished Sex Criminals #18 & 19   The first few arcs of Sex Criminals were great. They were smart, funny, subversive, and engaging. Something has changed though […]

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Watched – 14 April 2017

  Well I came back for a second week. If I do it again next week, you probably be able to call this a regular feature. Don’t get too attached just yet. I mean, I am lazy and all with the attention span of a squirrel. On to this week’s viewings. Rogue One – 5* I’ve […]

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