We Are Our Own Worst Nightmares

Since the news that actress Kelly Marie Tran quit Instagram after months and months of harassment, I’ve struggled with how to approach this. I am a huge fan of Star Wars and I honestly don’t remember a time before my adoration of the series. From playing with Star Wars toys and taking my heroes on […]

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Weekly Reset – 3 June 2018

My internet completely took a dump pretty much completely after I wrote my Solo: A Star Wars Story review. As such, I was rendered pretty much internet free for nearly all last week. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does make trying to get blog posts up and writing on one’s iPhone (even […]

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Goodbye Smuggler’s Bounty

There is a saying the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While I do like food, this isn’t really the way to endear yourself to me. But if you insist on coming and bearing me gifts (and I do so very much like gifts) then I recommend Star Wars knick knacks. I […]

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Hump Day Horror – Deep Rising

Director Stephen Sommers is most well known for the first two of Brendan Fraser’s Mummy films. Those two films are stupid, fun, action adventure movies with a hint of horror in them. Prior to his success with The Mummy though, he brought us the 1998 box office bomb that was Deep Rising.  And we should […]

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