Played – 12 September 2017

I’ve played quite a bit since my last update here. Some old, some new – some of which are new old games. Finished Mario Kart: Super Circuit – GBA Super Circuit is the one Mario Kart I had never played. I can now cross it off the list. Unfortunately I don’t have much more to […]

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Played – 13 August 2017

I’ve only been back from vacation for a week and I already feel that I need another vacation. Maybe one where I can just lock myself in my basement and play games/watch television. That isn’t bound to happen so, I’ll just trudge onwards. Despite my fatigue and desire for a new vacation I played some […]

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Played – 30 July 2017

So last week, I planned on wrapping up Castlevania II and Mass Effect: Andromeda and I did both those things. And in my workout of the NES Classic, I also wrapped up Super Mario Bros. 3, which leaves me pretty clear in regards to ongoing games I won’t be able to continue while I’m away […]

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Played – 1 July 2017

Anyone that comes here regularly will notice that I did not have a weekly edition of Watched yesterday. That is because I did not watch a single thing this past week. Between wrapping up our fiscal year at work and having to drive back and forth, to and from the North Jersey shore for my […]

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Played – 17 June 2017

After finishing two games last week, I kept the momentum going and wrapped up another one this week. A game well outside my wheelhouse no less. Anyway, on to what I’ve been playing.   Injustice: Gods Among Us – Xbox 360 via Xbox One Fighting games just aren’t my bag. I’m bad at them and […]

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