One Hour In: Destiny 2

Ok, saying I’m an hour in to Destiny is a bit of a stretch as I’ve played about 10 hours of it so far. But, I’ve always liked the title as a means to signify first impressions, since we started using it over at Critically Sane years ago. And that is what this is, a […]

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Played – 19 September 2017

This listing probably looks like a lot. I mean, I did finish three games this week and most people would view that as having played quite a bit. But aside from the Disney games I finished (which honestly did not take long), most of my playtime has been sporadic. 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there. […]

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Played – 12 September 2017

I’ve played quite a bit since my last update here. Some old, some new – some of which are new old games. Finished Mario Kart: Super Circuit – GBA Super Circuit is the one Mario Kart I had never played. I can now cross it off the list. Unfortunately I don’t have much more to […]

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Played – 27 August 2017

With the release of Madden this past Friday, we are now officially in game release season. As a gamer, I love this time of year. Games coming out left and right, so many choices to make. That said, I will miss the time I had to thin out my backlog because it is getting restocked […]

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Played – 21 August 2017

Edit: Weird… I didn’t update my intro paragraph this week. This is what happens when you rush. Anyway… I still need another vacation. I’ve only been back from vacation for a week and I already feel that I need another vacation. Maybe one where I can just lock myself in my basement and play games/watch […]

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Played – 5 August 2017

A week on vacation doesn’t mean a week away from video games. And while the retro rewinds had to take a back seat while I was away, my handhelds got a workout. I brought along my Game Boy Advance SP, New 3DS, and Switch. Only two of them got any playtime, and I was honestly […]

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