Picking the Best of the Year

We’re quickly approaching the end of the year and you know what that means? Best of the year lists, capped by people’s picks for Game of the Year, Film of the Year, Whathaveyou of the Year. It is one of my favorite times of the year because I love the mental year in review that […]

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Media Monday – 6 November 2017

I hope everyone had a good Monday. I didn’t but I hope you did. Anyway, I didn’t post the shows here last week so it’s a double dip. Well at least for The Perfectly Sane Show. I haven’t finished editing the latest Movie Dudes as I’ve been wrapped up playing Super Mario Odyssey. The Perfectly […]

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Media Monday – 23 October 2017

Happy Monday! I come with gifts of podcasts to get you through a few hours of your work week. Enjoy!   The Perfectly Sane Show Ep. 378: Project Loot Boxes This week we talk the closure of Visceral Games, loot boxes and their impact on gaming, and Activision patenting psychological marketing. Movie Dudes Ep. 140: […]

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