31 Days of Dread: Antebellum

I’m always leary of films that say, “From the producer of…”. This isn’t because I think producers are worthless but they’re rarely the creative vision behind a project. Just because you helped produce another hit or two, doesn’t mean that lightning will strike again with a different creative team. So when Antebellum marketed itself as […]

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31 Days of Dread: La Llorona

La Llorona is a Hispanic American myth of a ghost that roams waterfront areas mourning her drowned children. And yes, I cribbed that directly from Wikipedia. I did so because I sat down to watch what I thought was last year’s The Curse of La Llorona, an entry in The Conjuring film universe, but instead […]

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31 Days of Dread: Nekrotronic

If you watched Ghostbusters after taking a giant dose of speed and then sat down to write your own version, you may come out with something similar to Nekrotronic. It’s a spastic action-horror-comedy that is more than a bit half baked. The film follows Howard a septic utility worker (read as shit mover) who finds […]

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31 Days of Dread: #Alive

It’s hard not to see that the zombie sub-genre has been overdone to a great degree in the last decade. Hell, it’s been overdone this week with myself having watched for straight zombie type films. But regardless of the overexposure, there are still some excellent examples. #Alive is one of them. Where many zombie films […]

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