Short Takes: Little Nightmares II (Stadia) & Kitty Letter (iOS)

I've had zero desire to sit down and write anything. Hell, I've had zero desire to sit down and do much of anything. You'd think maybe the pandemic was finally getting to me (a year in but whatever). In anycase, my original intention was to write up full reviews for both Little Nightmares II and... Continue Reading →

#LoveYourBacklog Month 2021

As a collector, it's important to note what you already own so that you don't go and buy a duplicate when you see a good deal on something. I mean, sometimes this happens regardless because you are buying a bundle but it's always good to know what is already in your library. Anyway, I've used... Continue Reading →

The Medium (XSX)

One of the questions I got a lot when I purchased a Series X was, what are you even excited for? After all, the Series X, while an impressive piece of hardware, did not launch with any big exclusives. A lot of this stems from the fact that Microsoft's Xbox division has adopted a blended... Continue Reading →

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