Media Monday – 6 November 2017

I hope everyone had a good Monday. I didn’t but I hope you did. Anyway, I didn’t post the shows here last week so it’s a double dip. Well at least for The Perfectly Sane Show. I haven’t finished editing the latest Movie Dudes as I’ve been wrapped up playing Super Mario Odyssey. The Perfectly […]

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Media Monday – 23 October 2017

Happy Monday! I come with gifts of podcasts to get you through a few hours of your work week. Enjoy!   The Perfectly Sane Show Ep. 378: Project Loot Boxes This week we talk the closure of Visceral Games, loot boxes and their impact on gaming, and Activision patenting psychological marketing. Movie Dudes Ep. 140: […]

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Hump Day Horror – Blind Spots

I’m a huge fan of horror and will watch just about anything in the genre, from classic monster movies to modern ultra-violence and everything in between. I’ve seen a lot of the must see horror films that people end up putting on their lists and I’ve seen my fair share of obscure foreign titles as […]

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