Friday Funnies

I’m really busy working on finishing up some reviews for Hooked Gamers but I did stumble across these videos today (while slacking off) and I felt they needed to be shared. Enjoy. more about "Cartman playing Rock Band – giantbomb…", posted with vodpod

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Film Review: Saw VI

Over the last half decade a tradition has been formed for my friends and I, right around every Halloween we set out to the theater and take in the newest film in the Saw franchise. The series is very much everything that is wrong with the horror genre these days but I’m not going to […]

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Epic DJ Hero Unboxing

Today Activision unleashes their newest music themed game, DJ Hero and I have the photos to show you what is inside the box. It may not have been particularly epic like the title implied but the review should be, so look for that in the very near future.

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Evolution of a Writer

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. Mine are to sit on my ass until I become the size of Jabba the Hutt and need a skiff to transport my awesome girth. Unfortunately that dream doesn’t pay the bills. So sometimes I dream of being a professional hockey player but then I remember that I am 31 […]

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Film Review: Whip It

Little known fact about me is that I grew up on roller derby. The sport has always interested me as it is a mix of the physical aspects of hockey, track racing and the theatrics of professional wrestling. A friend of my father’s was a professional roller derby skater (as well as a charter bus […]

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Film Review: Zombieland

One of my favorite horror films in recent years was the zombie horror/comedy “Shaun of the Dead”, which is undeniably a British film. Ever since “Shaun of the Dead” I have been waiting for Hollywood to do this type of film their way and with Ruben Fleischer’s “Zombieland”, I finally get my wish. “Zombieland” is […]

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My Top 10 Zombie Films

I am going to heading out to see “Zombieland” in very short order but thinking about the film has also got me thinking about my favorite zombie films. I’ve seen a good amount of zombie films, including Romero’s works, some cult classics like Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive” and some not-so-classic films like “Gangs of the […]

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