Read – 25 June 2017

I didn’t post an edition of this last week because frankly, I didn’t have much to update. But after catching up on a handful of comics, I’m back. Finished Sex Criminals #18 & 19   The first few arcs of Sex Criminals were great. They were smart, funny, subversive, and engaging. Something has changed though […]

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Played – 24 June 2017

My wife was away for most of the week for work, which had me running around taking care of our four kids. Between that and work ramping up for our fiscal year end, this left precious little time to delve deep on any games. But I did manage to come to a conclusion on one […]

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Watched – 23 June 2017

It is a bad week when a free movie isn’t worth the effort to put in to your blu-ray player and you play on your phone for the majority of another one. Fortunately that isn’t anything that some neon, leg warmers, and a great soundtrack can’t wipe from your mind. Amityville Excorcism – 1* I […]

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Played – 17 June 2017

After finishing two games last week, I kept the momentum going and wrapped up another one this week. A game well outside my wheelhouse no less. Anyway, on to what I’ve been playing.   Injustice: Gods Among Us – Xbox 360 via Xbox One Fighting games just aren’t my bag. I’m bad at them and […]

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Watched – 16 June 2017

It was a super low-key week for me. I didn’t make it to the theater like I wanted to and I only caught one film this week. Cabin Fever: Patient Zero – 2* I have a weird fascination with the Cabin Fever series. I kind of love the original film that Eli Roth did 15 […]

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